Will a cat kill its kittens if touch them?

i want to touch my cat's two day old kittens... but i have heard rumors that if you touch one, the mother may kill it... what can i do??? plz answer me today... someone!
That's an old wive's tale. It isn't true. You can touch them.
Dress up like a cat
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good luck!
i dont know but i do know that a dog will kill its young if you touch them
put rubber gloves on so your scent doesn't get on the kitten?
They shouldn't..HAMSTERS do...without a doubt. You really should leave the mom to care for the kittens. She knows what she is doing. If you do touch them, the mom cat could move them and hide them
Well I think you can go on Google.com or Ask.com or even Yahoo.com and search for sites where vets and trained animal people own. I know birds will kill their babies maybe you should wait a week or something. Hope i helped
Of course not! If the cat knows you, she will be fine with it.
the mother will not kill the kittens..but baby birds will surely die if you touch them.....
The cat might not kill them but could reject the kittens. If that happens they kitten will starve to death. Wait a week or so before touching them just to be safe.
Yes a cat will kill its kittens if touched before the age of 6 weeks the mother will smell you on the kittens and she could either kill them or neglect them and will not have anything to do with them. I know this because i took a kitten to the vet because my cat had neglected it and they asked me if i had messed with it at all before now and i said yes and they told me that was why she neglected because she could smell me on it.
I have heard that if you touch very tiny kittens that can't get around yet, that the mother will stop feeding them. So she is not actually killing them as per say, but they would starve. I don't know if this is true, this is just something I have heard several times. The best thing to do would be to not touch them until they are eating food on their own. What I would do is call your local vet's office and ask them. They would know for sure.
no they wont kill the kittens, you can touch them
in some cases it is not unheard of.but when my cat had her kittens i helped her have them and held them all the time.she did not eat them but u have to be careful because if u hold them to much they can stop payin as much attention to them ...
I don't think the mother would kill its kittens if you touch them. That's CRAZY! I would touch them! Rumers normally leave to trouble!
I used to raise cats and no mother cat ever killed a kitten because we touched it, nor did they reject them. We sometimes got them to take back kittens they had rejected, by warming them and handing them back.

Of course this depends on the rapport you have with the cat, she has to know and trust you. I don't know what an unfamiliar cat would do.
that's a load of crap. it's actually better to touch them. then you start socializing them young.
Oh heavens no. The only time mother animals neglect their babies is when they sense they have a health problem and will not make it. But please give the mother cat time. You don't "need" to touch the kittens, do you? Can't you at least give the mother a few days? These are HER babies and not toys.
Your cat knows you so she wont kill them. My cat has had 2 litters of kittens and she had no problem with us touching them. She did move them afterwards but she never killed them or even hurt them.
Just be gentle and move slow when you do it. Take to the mother so she feels safe and knows you aren't going to hurt her babies.
You may pet the kittens!!
Just don't take them away from the mother cat for at least a week!!
Since the kittens eyes are still have not opened they may back away or hiss because they won't recognize your scent!! After a bit they will recognize your scent!!
Touching them and petting them at a young age like this will actually socialize them much better!!
Good luck and congratulations!!
well it just kind of depeneds on the mother becuase if it is a nice cat then most likely not but if mean cat with kittens yes. But my advice to you is just not touch them untill there eyes are open and they are eating ok with out mom! good luck
well, my cat just had kittens and i touched them after they were about3 days old and she did'nt kill them, i guess it really depends on the cat.
Mother only kill their own babys when they are sickly so, don't blame yourself if this has ever happened to you.
I know that birds abandone their babys if somone touches but, i don't think cats do that.
I f you are still worried about it, be pateant and wait till they have their eyes open.

Hope that this helps you out!
No the mother won't kill them if you handle them, she may move them if she feels threatened (you handling them too much) if there's something wrong with them she may kill them.
There is no reason why the mother cat would kill the kittens because you touched them. This is untrue. If a kitten is abandoned it is because the mother is unable to take care of it for some reason, or it may be unhealthy and she is following nature's course, which is to say she is leaving it to die so she doesn't expend energy on it needlessly since it won't live.

I have handled many kittens, often right after they were born and the mother cat was just fine with them. Simply take into account your relationship with the cat and by all means avoid making her uncomfortable. You may touch the kittens, but they really don't need to be handled at this stage much, if at all. Certainly they don't need to be held or cuddled and petted like they could be if they were older. As long as your cat is comfortable with having you near her and the kittens though, I would say that you should be fine if you want to briefly stroke them etc. As they get older you may pet them more and socialize with them. In order for kittens to become good pets they need human touch and socialization when they are young, otherwise they can grow up to be mistrustful and hard to handle or live with.
Approach this as if mama cat were a stranger to you. First, make sure she is OK with you being around her and the new family. She will be protective, but if you be patient she will be more comfortable.

You can touch the kittens at this age, but you need to clear it with Mama and make sure that you touch all of them. That way all the kittens smell a little like you, but that's OK because she knows who you are.

Be mindful of mama's body language while you're petting the kitttens- let her guide how far you can go. Congrats on the new family!

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