Is it possible for my cat to just be fat in the stomach and not have an FIP symptom?

Could he just be bloated or fat? Have you had a test done only to find that the cat just eats a lot?
Of course it is possible. Is your kitty showing signs of illness? Cats with FIP are extremely lethargic they sleep almost all of the time. FIP stricken cats have a fat belly in some cases but are bony everywhere else like over the spine. If you kitty has a nice buffer (a layer of fat) over the spine I would guess that he is just a little bit over weight and not sick form the FIP virus.
are you sure she is not pregnant? or maybe could be eating to much,
I do have an overweight cat who just carries most of it in her belly. I would still recommend to have shots done yearly to make sure the cat is healthy and especially if it goes outside.
Lots of cats, especially neutered males, develop a saggy belly as they grow older. (Hmmm...just like people.) It's called a paunch. Females can develop one, too, even if they have never been pregnant.

A paunch is loose skin that sways from side to side as they walk, and when you feel it you can tell that it is empty, just flesh and skin. If that is what your cat has, its harmless and, I think, kind of cute.

But if your cat has a swollen belly but is not otherwise fat, that's different. Most excess fat is on the outside of the abdominal cavity, between the muscles and the skin. Fluid or a solid tumor in the belly is inside the muscles. If you feel your cat's belly carefully and gently, you may be able to determine which he has.

FIP is not the only disease or condition that can cause swelling inside the belly, but all of them except pregnancy or temporary intestinal gas are a serious matter.

FIP blood tests are controversial. They are not nearly as accurate as most other blood tests. FIP tests usually tend to false positives rather than false negatives, but I imagine there are people who have had the test done, even had it come back positive, and yet the cat did not have FIP.

As usual, my advice is to take the cat to the vet. It could be something that, caught early, can be cured but if neglected, can lead to tragedy.
If the cat is just fat, he will be fat all over, not just in the stomach.

If it is only your cat's stomach that is big (bloated or feeling like a water balloon) there is a problem.

Bloated stomachs appear in the 'wet' form of FIP, which also includes snotty eyes and noses.

The most common cause for a bloated stomach is worms - are you using a proper dewormer from a vets?

FIP is diagnosed by testing a poo sample. If your cat's stomach is bloated, take him to a vets as there are a number of (bad) things it can be.

Even if he is 'only' fat, you still need to go to a vet for diet advice!!


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