My cat got a bad cut in a fight is there anything i can do until i take her to the vet tommorow?

1. Please put on medical gloves.

2. The first step in caring for your cat's wound involves assessing the depth and size of the injury. If the cut is bleeding, largely open, or should the skin be partially flapped over, a pressure bandage needs to be applied (even a towel can be used, but apply a fair amount of pressure). This will need to be done for 2-5 minutes, or until all bleeding has ceased.

3. Once the wound appears fairly dry, it is important not to allow a scab to form without first cleansing the area (an infection can form underneath). If one has begun to form already, soaking the area with warm water and hydrogen peroxide will help dissolve it. Gently, the dried skin and scabs can be peeled off. This area may be painful to your cat, so please soak the area first and take the scabs off slowly. If the wound has been there for several days already, do not attempt to take the scab off as the healing process has already begun. Simply keep the area clean. If it seems infected, a veterinary visit may be necessary.

4. Gently trimming some of the fur surrounding the wounded area can make it easier for cleaning, as well as it can help keep the area free from unnecessary dirt or infection. Using a grooming set of clippers is easiest, otherwise use a small pair of first aid scissors.

5. After the cut has been dried and the scabs have been removed, generously rinse the area with a mixture of water and hibitane solution. This is done easiest by using a needle-free syringe, with which the wound can be directly cleansed and thoroughly rinsed. Do so a number of times.

6. If your cat's cut is fairly large, or if it had been bleeding quite profusely, it is best to keep a bandage on the area for a couple of days. You may also bandage it with vet wrap, although this step is unnecessary if the wound is quite small or narrow.

7. Cleaning the wound and removing any scabs that form will need to be continued every 12 hours for at least three to four days. Be sure to always apply a fresh bandage at each time, and use a water and hibitane rinse. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used. After the first 48 to 72 hours, the wound can be left uncovered.

8. Whenever your pet is feeling unwell or is injured, be sure to keep them indoors. Moreover, if the wounded area does not seem to be healing or if it continues to bleed or becomes infected, please see a veterinarian. Often antibiotics are required for faster and trouble-free healing.
Clean the wound really good with hydrogen peroxide. And thats really all you can do. Good Luck
well you could wash the cut with warm water and bandage it to stop infections
if there is blood wipe it off realy gentle & make nothing gets in the cut
if its not real deep try using 2% proxide or a antibiotic cream on the area if it is very deep try to place a clean dressing over the wound so that additional bacteria and dirt stays out of the wound .
Depends how bad it is - if very bad and you can't stop bleeding, then I would ring the after hours Vet Service. If the cat will survive the night, then wash any visible wounds with warm salty water. If they are deep, then bandage them to prevent her licking and possibly making the bleeding start. Lock her into a small room with a comfy bed so she should hopefully settle down to sleep and keep still. Good luck - I hate it when cats fight and get hurt! One of my cats had a huge gash under one of his legs, it was horrible.
If there is blood wash gently with a damp, clean, towel and bandage it. Call a vet if really serious. Keep her in a safe room. Also, please keep your pet indoors, and if you havn't already, spay her, that usually makes cats want to fight less.
Keep it clean and keep her comfy, tomorrow the vet will stitch of necessary and do everything that's needed.
neosporin and plenty of it...she is going to lick it off and you have to keep putting in on
There are animal hospital open 24/7 where you can take her right now. Just check the yellow pages online to find one near your house.
get a TOWEL and dab sum hydron peroxide on it.(tissue/cottanball will leeve behind stuff, and make sure towel is clean.) my cat had a HOLE in his face from a fight!!! thats all we did b4 we took him to the vet. they sed we did good. poor thing has a cone!

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