How can I keep cat litter from getting everywhere?

I have three cats, but I only use two litter boxes because that seems to be enough.

I've tried all sorts of tricks to keep the litter from getting everywhere, but they never work! I had these litter boxes that were literally boxes with holes on the top, and they worked amazingly well, until the boxes started to smell like cat pee, even when the litter was clean. I couldn't scrub out the boxes everyday, so I went back to using old litter boxes.
I try to put towels or mats under the litter boxes, but my cats pee on them because they start to smell like litter...
I have wood floor and no matter what kind of litter I use, it gets on the floor and scratches it up!
The latest thing I've tried has been to put the litter box in a bigger storage box, but the storage box isn't the best size and litter still gets everywhere!
Does anyone have suggestions?
I have a lot of cats and this is what I do: I buy the largest regular style covered litter box I can. These aren't very expensive. Then I use scoopable litter. The smaller granules don't scratch as badly. I buy carpet samples or carpet squares and put this at the entrance to the box, tucked under the front of the box a little bit. The carpet traps the litter they track out of the box and the cover keeps the litter from scattering and gives kitty some privacy. The squares are cheap enough that I can throw them out when they get dirty. (The squares are usually $1 or $2 so I buy multiples). You should probably have an extra box that you're not using so you can rotate them. The boxes are plastic so they do start to smell after awhile. Every month or so I clean the boxes with bleach water. In between, when I change the litter I spray the box with X-O, which is a cleaner/deodorizer that doesn't leave a lot of smell so the cats don't mind. Clean up any messes they make with either Simple Solution or Nature's Miracle, which are enzymatic cleaners that remove the smell completely. Never use ammonia. We may think we have it cleaned up but the cat's sense of smell is much more sensitive than ours and they can still smell it, so that's why an enzymatic cleaner is needed. If they can smell it, they'll go in that spot. You have to realize, though, that there is going to be some scatter no matter what you do. I've even tried crystal litter and it scatters, too.
I have that same exact problem. I don't know of any solutions. However I will be watching for answers.
Okay sister I know where you are coming from. If you are wondering why this is happening is because cats literally get inside their litter boxes and it gets on their feet. On top of that they kick it out from underneath them. So you could A. Get training for them.
B. Get an automatic cleaner litter box.

C. Put it on a caged mat with newspaper pullout undercage.

D. put the boxes outside maybe

If these don't work I have a perfect solution for you. So you can email me =p
I have 3 cats and a big litter box and that problem happens to me too..

I think it will always happen but I have baught a matt from walmart at the pet section. I cant remember the name but it has rubber stumps ( I know thats a bad description but I think you will reconigze it if you look for it at walmart...its silver and rubber and has a kitty face on it) in it so when the cat climbs out of the litter box it catches the litter..It also catches the litter when the cats kick it out of th box...

But the litter still seems to make its way on the floor no matter what x X;...

If you find a good way to prevent it better...please let me know!
Ok...At walmart in the pet section usually hanging on the end of the isles theres these gray and black rubber mat things that have like feeler things on them and usually a cat you put them in front of the box and when they step on them i kind of spreads there pawas out and the litter gets trapped in the mat! they dont cost much like between $5-$10
We have 3 cats, all indoor... my best solution to this day has been to have 2 litter boxes (both with lids), each facing the other in a small hallway between two bedrooms... I placed a small cardboard box filled with strips of newspaper between the two openings.
The newspaper strips tend to catch most of the litter from the cats when they step out, and I change it occasionally. I also placed a couple of the "sample" carpet pieces on the area where the cats step to from the cardboard box. About every other month I clean up all around the litter boxes, and I also scoop out the waste every other day... we have had cats for the past 28 years, and this is the best I have figured out so far... I tend to buy the scoopable kind of litter, for multiple cats. The best of luck to you-all in your quest for litter box cleanliness!
I started using pine pellets. After years of using the clumping kind my cat now seems to prefer these. They are a lot easier to clean up and they don't stick to the cats feet. I think cats will always kick the litter around and some will fly out. Thats because they try so hard to cover their deposit. But at least with this kind it wont track. Try putting a newspaper under the edge of the box then you only just sweep off the paper or change it for a new one. You can see the pellets at
I had a similar problem, so instead of sand cat litter, I started buying saw dust litter like the stuff people buy for hamsters. It keeps your house smelling freash and it's not as bad as sand. The one I buy, I bought at walmart it's called feline pine it's a green bag with a cat picture on the front. a little pricey if it's too pricey, just buy that hamster stuff. Good luck

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