Why do cats try to walk right under your feet, and can they be taught not to do this?

Our neighbor's cat (about 1 yr old, very friendly) has started following us around our yard while we are working outside. It gets right under our feet, and has gotten stepped on accidently a few times, but that doesn't seem to discourage it at all! We have been carrying firewood into the shed, and the cat will suddenly jump in front of our feet. Sooner or later, it's going to get squashed.

Is this just a very dumb cat? Is there a way to teach it to stop this behavior? I'm beginning to feel like Old Mr. Johnson in that song 'The Cat Came Back'. the cat came back the very next day! The neighbors leave it outside all day (this is not going to change), and it has to walk 1.5 km. to get to our place, and still it comes back. I know it's looking for attention, and we do pat it, but we aren't interested in playing with the cat all day, either. Any comments and suggestions from those who understand cat psychology?
My cat does this. He does it when it's getting close to meal time for him. It's almost as if he's trying to get my attention and saying, hey lady.here i am.don't you have something for me? So my guess would be that this cat is trying to get your attention about something.(maybe it wants you to pet it, or feed it). Whatever it is, I know how annoying it can be! The only thing that works to get him to stop doing it is to yell at him and kick him out of the way (and I don't kick him hard.it's more like I nudge him far away from me with my foot!) He leaves me alone for a little while, but then he goes right back at it. Good luck with your neighbor cat. You could maybe try to put something out for it to eat while you are outside working. Then it will eat and leave you alone. Usually when they get their bellies full they just want to go and find a place to take a nap.
If you don't want the cat around carry a spray bottle with water in it and squirt the cat every time you see it, it will stay away. You are right, it is just looking for love and attention.
I think the cat is just trying to "catch" your moving feet as you go past. He's playing.
I think you should try to shoo it away so it doesn't get hurt.my cat does that when he is hungry ! maybe that cat is too.
A Natural instinct in the feline family is to walk side by side with other felines. If you watch Animal Planet or Discovery, you will notice large cats, Tigers, Lions, etc.. a mothers cubs will do this exact thing. Walk basically right on her feet, or under her belly, or similiar. The cat believes you are apart of its family, and is treating you as such. The behavior will continue until youmake an effort to change it. Like previously said, if you like the cat but want it to stop being right under your feet, keep a spray bottle with water handy. Whenever the cat starts acting a certain way, just give them a light squirt, to reinforce that that behavior isnt acceptable and the cat will learn very quickly what it should and shoulnt do.
she does it becouse she is cudleing your feet
I think cats are actually homocidal maniacs. That cat wants you dead lady.be careful! : )

(Sorry I don't have any tips.my cats do it too.one time I kneed one of them in the head because I was walking to the bathroom and he suddenly leapt in front of me to get to the sink.poor guy.that's why they have 9 lives I guess)

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