Why does my cat keep vomiting after she eats?

I have a shelter cat I adopted a few months ago (thanks for all the helpful answers by the way since I got her) But I can't seem to free feed her, because when I do she eats almost everything that is there and then vomits.

She has marked tartar so I am assuming her old owners fed her wet food and I only feed her dry food.

Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance!
It could be several things:
1) She could be allergic to the food/kibble you're feeding her.
2) And this is the most likely one: She's over-eating, it sounds like to me, and probably b/c of past trauma where there wasn't enough food or she was in heavy competition for what little food there was, and so had to "gorge" herself in order to make sure she wouldn't starve to death. This is normal behaviour for dogs in the wild, but it is less so for cats and is a sign that they've been under immense stress before in their lives. Stop free feeding her. If she can't help herself, then you need to. Give her only a bit at a time, until she seems to be regulating herself better.
3) Has the vet checked her for digestion/metabolic problems, such as worms, diabetes, Feline IBS? And I don't mean the shelter vet, I mean YOUR vet, who can spend a good bit more time with you and with her.
4) Do you have other cats around that may be making her feel insecure and like she has to eat all her food at once so as not to be hungry? She's very new to your household, and simply may be feeling very insecure.
5) Go to the healthfood store and buy a small bottle of Rescue Remedy. Put a few drops into her water bowl each time you fill it and let her sip on it that way. It should mellow her right out, and help her to make the transition from a past life of uncertain treatment to the warmth, love and safety of your household.

Good luck and many blessings to you all.
dry food only is very very bad for cats your cat needs wet and dry food she can get very sick and like said puke try getting her a diffrent brand of food hope this helps
it may be rough on her stomach, since she never had dry food before. I'd mix wet with dry and slowly wean her off it. If not, she may have a virus, and then you would need to call a vet. Good Luck :)

***Dry food does NOT give cancer, and it isn't bad for cats at all, in fact, it's better than wet food, beause the wet food is higher in sugars and causes tartar much more than dry food. ***
try switching to a different food...many premium brands make a formula for sensitive stomachs...i had to use royal canin special formula for my older cat, Alfie, because he threw up everything else..dry food is good for your cat.that's all my cats eat and i had one live for 17 years
Bulimia...you may want to put her in rehab.
Maybe she has some sort of blockage, hairball maybe?
She may be eating too much,have a stomach disorder,or she just could be sick....You may also want to go to the vet with her to check for parasites.
Good luck!
There are a lot of causes the cats throwing up after eating. I think you should probably call your vet and take the cat in. Here are some reasons why she may be vomiting. Ofcourse there may be a much more simplier reason as to why she is doing this.

Vomiting is a symptom that can be caused by disorders of the gastrointestinal system (stomach and/or intestines) or it can be secondary to a disease from a different system (such as from cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, or infectious diseases).

Vomiting can be defined as acute (sudden onset) or chronic (longer duration of one to two weeks). The severity or concurrence of other signs will determine the recommendation of specific diagnostic tests. Important considerations include monitoring the duration and frequency of the vomiting. If your pet vomits once then eats normally with no further vomiting, has a normal bowel movement and is acting playful, then the problem may resolve on its own. If the vomiting continues after your pet eats or if your pet acts lethargic, or doesn't want to eat, then medical attention is warranted.

What To Watch For

Dehydration – persistent vomiting leading to dehydration

Abnormal behavior or physical abnormalities associated with prolonged vomiting – the presence of lethargy (reluctance to move), diarrhea, weight loss, blood in the vomit, or other physical abnormalities

I hope this helps a little. Good Luck
feed her a little bit at a time..she is used to being mistreated or not having enough food...feeding a little at a time will give your cat time to digest the food.offer you cat some cat grass you can buy it at the pet store or grow it yourself...this will help settle your cats stomach...
She is just eating too much, My cat vomits a lot too, and half the time when I am cleaning it up I notice that the food is whole and still dry!!! She is just hoffing it down faster then it's getting to her belly, and she pukes. She should be fine, but if you worried I would try only giving her enough for the day or take her to the vet if you think she is sick. If you see blood or anything out of the ordinary then go to the vet ASAP.
She's probably eating too much too fast, try giving her smaller feedings spaced throughout the day if you can.
Unless there is a serious health problem, your cat is a gluten.. My cat was like that from the time she was a baby, even though she had plenty to eat, she seemed to gobble it up as if it were her last meal.. then vomits it up before its digested..
I recommend feeding her smaller portions thoughout the day..
A mixture of wet and dry
And if she is long haired, it could also be hairballs ...
Trauma from being in a shelter can sometimes do this also, make them nervous when they eat as if the others will come take it away..
Give her some time and smaller portions and see what happens.. good luck!!
It sounds like she's simply eating too much, too fast. We've had cats who would do this temporarily, until they realized that the food dish wasn't going to dissappear. We've also had a couple who never got over this insecurity & would gorge & get sick throughout their lives, some more frequently than others. This is especially common in kitties who have been strays, or were underfed by their previous guardians.
Your girl could also have an undetected health problem, including parasites or a food sensitivity. She should see a vet for her tartar build-up in any case, so maybe you can discuss her eating problem @ that time.
Good luck & bless you for adopting from a shelter!
It could be a number of things. Check he vomit to see if there may be worms in it. If you're not sure maybe try worm medicine. You can get it at pet co or pet smart. Otherwise she might have inflammatory bowel diease, urinary blockage, kidney problems, a stuck hairball or a plethora of things.

My best advice is to have her looked at. You can't diagnose something on your own. It may also be that she eats too fast, is upset with her new home(which is probably unlikely), or if you have old cats living there she may be having anxiety. I would start buying wet food to see what happens. But it is imperative that you take her to a vet.

Does she not vomit when you giver her smaller amounts of food? Some cats don't realize their getting too full until it's too late. I've seen cats over eat really fast and get sick. Try limiting her food intake by giving her smaller quantities of food. I've never had a cat that puked on a regular basis.

It is either a behavioral thing that needs adjusting or she is very sick. I would take her to the vet just to be sure. He or she could make a diagnosis or give you advice on how to keep her from doing that.

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