So would it be wrong to pierce my cats ears?

If not where would i do this at?
They used to do it in Ancient Egypt, but it's not done now. Also, with the way cats hate to have their ears messed with, I think it would be very difficult to take care of the fresh, non-healed piercings.
you're sick
you do relize that no one thinks ur funny?
absolutely not, do you want PETA chasing after you!?!?!?
Let your cats pierce your ears first!
no! that is so mean
No, I mean what if the cat didn't want this to be done. It wouldn't be a choice for him, that isn't a good way to take care of a pet.
as long as they r kittens they will be fine. it migth hurt the cat a little but don't ask me where. Claires?!? jk
omg! how can u even think about doing such a thing? do it on your self!
no one should be pierced unless they want to be. Don't abuse your cat!
Ummmmmmmmm..yeah, it would be wrong, so don't.

1. It is painful.

2. The cat would get an infection because it would try to pull the earing out, and rip the ear.

3. Even if it doens't try to get the earing out, it will get an infection anyway because the ear is impossible for the cat to thoroughly clean.

4. It's illegal to do such things to animals, I think.

So.. I'm gonna go with YES.
Please don't. Humans choose to pierce their ears - cats do not. You will only end up hurting and upsetting the little guy for the sake of vanity.

I don't think you are a bad person for wanting to do it. But once again, please don't hurt your little friend.
why would u wanna perice ur cats ears?
that is stupid for many reasons
i'll name a few
1) the cat would hate it
2) cats crawl around a lot and it could get caught and rip its ear
3) what would u get out of it: i never get those people who put out fits on their dogs (so piercing its ears isn't any different)
well i think u shudnt cuz cat was not meant o be pierceat any type of way u should leve it alone
Well humanely! yeah!! You are not suppose to hurt an animal in any way and that would hurt unless done by a professional vet and they would not do that. and then infection could set in because it happens to humans, it happened to me. so please ask the cat first !! does he or she want that done to them?? hell noooo!! leave the darn cat alone please it could end up costing you more money in the long run!!
ah you are neam let be pierce ur dick and see if you like it
yea do it. i bet ur cat will hate u then. i no i would if i didnt want my ears periced!
Yes, it would be very wrong to have your cat's ears pierced. The piercing will only agitate the cat, causing it to scratch at it's ears and possibly rip them trying to get the earring out. Just leave the cat the way it was born...without pierced ears.
Well, cute joke obviously you know what people say about cat people being crazy well I assure you we are all not. If it wasn't cruel and my cats could tell me and make a choice on if they wanted their ears peirced I might oblige them when they turn 18 that if I am not mistaken is 7 human years. Wait till they turn 7 and ask them if they do not give you a straight answer as a definate yes or no then you will know if you should do it or not. And a meow is NOT an answer!!
Uhhhhh, yeah!
-Lil' Princess
PS Even if you do decide to pierce his/her ears, I don't think you're going to find a cat piercing place on Main Street!
What would you be putting in the cat's ears? A human earring would be to heavy and the cat's ears wouldn't be able to function properly, they do use their ears to express moods etc. I can't imagine anyone seriously doing this! Plus if you did find someone dumb enough to assist you the cat could get an infection or probably try and pull the earring out, ripping their ear in the process...
I wouldn't do it. My experience with outdoor cats who fight and get holes in their ears (or elsewhere) is that when they scratch using their hind legs, their claws catch in the hole and they rip themselves something awful.

Find another cute way to distinguish your kitty, like with one of the jeweled collars or a neckerchief.
Poor kitty, please don't do that for all the reason stated above. My only question to you is, "WHY"??????
No way, he would pull it out or it would rip his ear if he got into a cat fight or something. This is so crazy! Dont do it!

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