My Cat just Started pooping on the floor why!?

He is a 6 year old neutered male, he was recently introduced to our house and we have another neutered male cat who is 2 years old. When the 6 year old came here he was using the litter box just fine, in fact you couldnt get him out, now all of a sudden.. about a 2 weeks ago he started shitting on the floor next to the litter box. i have 2 litter boxes, clean them frequently, changed the litter from scented to unscented. i just cant figure out why hes doing it. Help?
I also agree, go to the vet first. He might be having urine problems or a tummy problem. Cats often start doing there things all over the place when they have a urine infection but since you say that he does it next to the litter box...

I think he is jealous! make sure you give him lots of attention at least till he gets used to the new cat. Preferable more attention than the other cat.
You need to take him to the vet. Cats act out sometimes in ways that don't make sense when they have a condition.
Did u change ur routine??? sometimes when owners change their rountines then the pet will stress.
If you moved the litter boxes, changed routines, got a new pet, switched to a different kind of litter, etc, these could all be reasons. If it's just outside the box he may be missing the box, an issue I sometimes have with a cat who used to be outdoors and wasn't trained til later. He might also be digging a lot and throwing it out. Cats can also stop using the litter box if they are sick, so you might want to take him to a vet and have him checked out. Be sure to give him extra love right now, much as you may not feel like it, because if the cause is behavioural pushing him away will likely make it worse.
you said you change there litter from scented to unscented so that could be why. My cat will only ever go in his tray if there is cat sand litter in there if its a different one then he will not go in it. So trying changing back and she what happens.

Also are you certain he is going on the floor not going in his tray then kicking it out when they try to cover it as my cat has done that many times before.

If things dont change go to the vets as there maybe something wrong.
I second Merrick N's advice. Try the vet. See if anything has changed. Ensure that he's not just missing the box or kicking it out.

Also, sometimes, something could've frightened him about the box - a cat will sometimes get frightened to use the box if something startles them while they're in it, and they may continue to go /by/ the box, knowing that's where they should be going, but just not inside the box, because they're afraid.

One last thing - could be a dominance/territorial issue. Perhaps adding a second box (one for each of them, in different spots in the house) will clear up the problem. <--- scratch that, you already said you had two.

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