How old should a cat be when fixed?

as young as possible before they reach a year old and after they have fully developed. i have heard preferably around 4-6 months.
1 year
dont matter
6 months..I just had my six month old cat fixed
im not sure what age but i know you have to get it fixed before its first heat cycle otherwise you cant. we got ours fixed very young(thats for a female, im not sure for a male)
Only when it's broken.
one year
Less than one year. Ask your vet. Probably can be done at around 3 or 4 months.
6 months.
a cat should be fixed when about 8 months to a yr old. but make sure that you want to do that!
generally it's 6 months of age to safely fix a cat or dog
Most vets won't do it before 6 months. Anytime after that is fine. I adopted a 2 year old female and had her spayed at that time.
My daughter has two pretty cats and the vet had suggested neutering them at 6 months, which is the same for dogs. The vet said neutering them before the female has her first cycle, and I dont know why the male cat, I guess they get sexually active after 6 months. But if you just found a cat or got one that is older, neutering it at any age is better than adding to the overpopulation of unwanted animals. (the vets prefer 6 months because it decreases the chance of cancers of the reproductive organs if done before they "mature").
My vet told me it's based more on size/weight than age. But it should probably be done before they reach sexual maturity.
In Australia the vets recommend a cat is desexed about six months of age.

Most cat start going into "heat" around the age of 6 months, dependent on the breed. So around 6 months of age would make sense. Of course this depends on the breed of cat, as some come into heat earlier, and other a little later.

In Australia, Victoria some local councils offer a discounted desexing, for holders of Centrelink cards (Social Security). Limited to about 1 cat 1 dog per household.
A lot of older vets still insist that it not be done before six months of age. Despite the fact that many females can have a first heat at five months and get pregnant because of this unnecessary delay. Even one heat cycle can cause a female to have mammary cancer later in her life. So I would plan on it and do it at no later than five months.

The Winn Feline Health Foudation did a long-term study which showed that "fixing" cats as young as two months had no adverse effects on feline health. As a result of this study many shelters are neutering kittens that early before they leave for their new homes. It is best to catch a male at five months too as it will reduce the risk of having the cat spray in the future.

Of course a cat can be fixed at any age if they have not had the surgery before they are a year old.
six months old is traditional. shelters generally do it much earlier in order to get kittens adopted. stick with the six months.
depends. 6 month if age is known. If the age is unknown they usually wait till the cat is atleast 4-6lbs and is in good health. I worked in a vet clinic & thats how the Vets there handled it.
It is possible for a cat to be spayed or neutered when they reach 2 pounds in weight which is usually between 8 and 10 weeks old. Alot of vets are currently doing this early desexing. There are also alot of vets that go with the traditional age of 6 months. The negative side of waiting until 6 months is that male cats can become sexually mature before this age and it is possible for them to impregnate females as soon as they are mature. Also female cats can come into heat before 6 months of age and to prevent accidental litters it is best to spay/neuter before the cat reaches maturity.

I strongly believe in spaying or neutering when a cat is 3-4 months old. There are no adverse reactions with spaying or neutering earlier and there is no risk of having to wait for a spay because a cat accidentally got pregnant her first heat cycle. It is best to contact local vets in your area to find out what age they will spay/neuter the cat. Some will do early spay/neuter if you ask about it and this is best for the health of your cat.
About 4 to six months and up. It will be easy for them when their young , it's so much easyer for them .I called the vet and told me what age . Maybe talk to your vet . It's really up to them to tell you the right age . I called to get my new male kitten to get fixed.
older than 6 months!
my vet wanted to wait until 6 mo w/ mine. I had him go ahead @ 5mo and now she is fat. My other cat was 7mo prior to being fixed and she is a nice slender cat. They say the fat one is that way because she eats to much. I still think it has to do w. getting her fixed to early. Rescues and animal shelters get their animals fixed pror to adoption and say it is safe as early as 8 wks.
Depends on your vet. I would suggest before the first heat. My oldest cat we waited until after her first heat and regret it. My younger cat we had neutered at 4 months old. Most vets will go by weight because of the anesthesia.
Around 6 months. But you should check w/ your vet.

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