Can I feed my cats turkey (the sandwich kind)? I am worried that it will make them sick...?

Cats are pure carnivors and need lots of protine in their diet. Turkey is ok to feed your cat. Actually its better than the food you can buy in cans or dried. Feeding your cat closer to earth is good for him/her however you will still want to give dry or wet food as well so that they are getting the other nutriants they need. "Milk" is a cat myth. Its ok to give your cat some milk as a treat but not too much once they are adults their bodies dont need it and they can become latose intolarant like humans. Give your kitty some turkey its ok, so is ham or roast beef. Good luck.
I give my two cats little bites and it doesn't bother them at all. You could call a vet to find out for sure just how much they can eat. Good luck.
Why not give them cat food? Cats can be picky eaters (I know mine is) He refuses to eat anything but cat food. However my sister's cat will eat anything from cheese its to rice (lol). I don't think the turkey would hurt him (a little piece) that is.
Nah, Go right ahead. Most animals can survive eating things we wouldn't DREAM of eating!! My parents have a cat that loves cheese curls and she is just fine.
Yes you can... however feed it as a treat not as an ordinary meal as it can be hard for them to digest and cause tummy problems so be sure to feed it in small quantities and not a plateful!
You can give them a little as a snack. Not too much. Just a little piece.
i will give my cats small pieces of deli sliced turkey, the kind that isn't processed but cooked and sliced. I only give it to them every once in a while. It shouldn't hurt them.
I give my two cats turkey, chicken meat like the one that you put on sandwhiches but just as a TREAT once in a while. They are all fine as long as you dont over feed them like I said only as a treat.
Giving your cat a small ammount of lunch meat should be fine, it shouldn't bother them at all. Although, if your cat is known to have strange allergies to foods, I wouldn't reccomend feeding them anything outside of their normal diet. I also wouldn't reccoment feeding them lunch meat for meals.
If its a turkey you baked yourself, you can feed a bit of that if you want. Don't feed processed foods to your cat though, don't feed processed turkey, like deli meats to your cat. Too much salt and preservatives in there. It's not that healthy for pets or humans. Stick with healthy fresh food or cat food.
its perfectly fine to give it to them just make sure its not out of date and dont feed them alot just maybe a piece or two...too much may make them sick
You have to watch what kind of "people food" you give animals. My parents gave their male cat chicken tenders, and turkey, and sometimes steak. He ended up having too much protein in his body, and now is on a special diet. He would frequently get urinary tract infections, and have trouble urinating. It became a very expenisive problem, which had a simple solution. So be careful on how much you give your cat.
Human food is not good for cats or even kittens.

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