At what age should I stop feeding my cat kitten food?

just wondering
If you will use a quality food kittens can eat that from the time they are weaned. There is nothing special about kitten food - manufacturers say it has 2-4% more protein - a totally insignificant amount. All the quality foods contain that amount of protein anyway and it is MEAT protein. Corn counts as protein (and now we have learned that even plastic is put in pet food to raise the protein content) and corn is not an appropriate food for a cat whose diet should contain 60% quality meat protein.

Does a mother cat bring her kittens special "kitten mice" when she weans them? A ridiculous concept!
1 Year
If it's a regular-sized breed, by age 1. If it's a larger breed like the Norwegian Forest cat (or similar), by age 2 (they take longer to reach full maturity).
i believe when your teets are unavailble to produce the availiblity for the will suriviv on instincts and learn how to be a stealthy cat catcher or a dog swatter
If you have a cat then it should have been eating cat food already. Cats eat cat food and kittens eat kitten food until they are 1 year of age.
You don't abruptly change the food(and you can start this at 8 months old) you slowly add cat food (dry) to it's kitten food,slowly changing it to all cat food within a 2 week period,that gives the kitten's system time to adjust to the cat food.
Usually at one year of age they dont require the kitten food anymore, the regular cat food will do. I use to give my cat canned food, but once they get use to it, they not only gain more weight when adults, but they dont want anything else, and the dry food is also better for their teeth. It was hard to get my cat to just dry food, but now he is doing better, lost weight, and has more energy.
When it is 1 year old you should change its food.
At um 5years old atleast
One year

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