Do you clip your cats nails?

My cats chew their own nails and I find them every now and then around the house. Is this what most people do, or does anyone use a clipper? I clip my dogs nails but the cats freak out so I let them take care of it.
I trim my cats nails with no problems. Long nails on cats tend to crack and can actually get caught and tear off. I trim them once a month. They don't mind since I've clipped them since they were kittens. I'm not sure how bad the cats "freak out" so if you don't mind the long nails, just leave them alone. If you do decide to trim them its best to have a second person hold and comfort the cat while the other trims. Seems to work good. Also, invest in a good set of small cat nail trimmers and some leather gloves!!!
I used to clip them (my cat only has back nails). I stopped and he just started taking care of them himself. He doesn't hold still for me to clip them. Plus I am worried that I might clip too short and hurt him.
I clip them (when my cat had nails )
Better don't clip them. As you said, they take care of it themselves.
I clip my cats nails once a week. I use human nail clippers. I found it is the easiest thing to use. When you clip the claws place the clippers sideways not up and down. The only reason I clip my cats claws is to prevent them from tearing up the carpet and furniture. I didn't want to have them declawed because I think it is cruel. As far as the cats freaking out have you ever tried talking to them to comfort them. It might sound weird, but they do understand.
Yes, I clip my cat's nails all the time. You're right they are not trilled with the idea but with indoor cats it needs to be done. The best way to do it is to wrap your cat up in a towel and take a paw out one at a time of course. Talk to your cat and tell him or her that's it's okay. When you see you cat biting at their nails they are to long and it's uncomfortable for them. It might be easier for you if someone else can help you. Good luck;^)
I use an ordinary human nail clipper ( held sideways) on my cats. I simply lie them on their back on my lap, and snip. It did take some of them a while to get used to it, but once they got used to lying on my lap on their backs, they were fine with it. I normally rub their tummy for a while, just to calm them a bit, and then I snip away. As long as yours keep their own short though, why bother! I wonder though, if what you are seeing is not actually the nails that have split, as this often happens. They lose a piece of nail, but in the length, as if they have shed a piece from the side. Keep an eye on what the dropped nails look like, and if they are the shed sides, you should consider cutting them yourself.
No. The only reason to clip a cat's nails would be if you were afraid they're going to scratch the furniture. Cats shed the outer layer of their claws periodically, and there's a new fresh sharp version underneath. This is, however, why they need to scratch... so get a good scratching post, or what I and my cat prefers is the flat on the floor style with corrigated cardboard in it. You sprinkle some catnip on it.
I clip my cats' claws. My Little Bit gives me a hard time, so I just usually do it when he is sleeping. Honey loves being pampered, so she just sits there.

Another thing you could try is when you are holding your cats, stroke their paws and play with their paws more and more. Get them used to the handling of their paws and you may have an easier time of clipping.
I clip with a toenail clipper. Works like a charm.
I clip my cats' nails, to prevent accidental scratches. It's generally a matter of personal preference. Just check their nails regularly to make sure they're not growing too long - sometimes as cats age they don't maintain their nails, and they can grow so long that they can begin to catch on things, or even grow back around into the paw pads. If your cats' nails are getting too long & need a trim, but you can't do it yourself, a vet can do it for you.
The vet clipped our cats nails for the first time in 12 years (new vet) and it has caused our cat a lot of problems as far as trying to get up on chairs and falling. He can't even jump up on the table (wood) out in the yard. When I took him back to his regular vet I was told not have his nails cut ever again. He said the cats trim their own nails on scratching post and on trees. My vet is also against declawing cats (as I am also) because he says it's cruel and he treats so many cats with infections that are very painful. Plus if they ever get out of the house they have no defense against other animals and can't even climb a tree to get away.
I've tried, but my cat does NOT like it when I try. I even have special cat nail clippers and she starts to yelp and squirm and it's awful because I feel like I'm hurting her.

What I do now is take her to the vet and have them do it. If you don't clip your cat's nails they can get stuck on something and will cause them to pull their paw with too much force and they can rip the nail and hurt themselves.
yes. you should definitly clip your kitties nails if he does not use a scrating post to dull them. If you are to scared to get bit and scratched up, take him into petsmart. they will clip his nails for you free of cost.( At the adoption center)
Yes. It's just to prevent furniture damage. I just trim a tiny bit every two weeks. My baby isn't super fond of it, but I do a quick trim when she's lying down and relaxing so she doesn't budge or fuss too much.
Cats should have their nail trimmed at all times. I clip my cats' nails every other week. No, they are not thrilled about it, but I am firm and every time I do it, it gets easier. Use a clipper especially designed for pets (your dog's clipper will work) and do not cut them too short. Just cut the sharp tip off, avoiding the pink blood vessels at the base. Cats do not "chew" their nails like humans do. They chew out the gunk that gets under them, which will not happen if they are properly trimmed. They do not keep their nails short with a scratching post, either. That just removes the outer layers of the claws. If the claws are allowed to get too long, they can grow back into the paw pad, causing pain and infection for the cat.
Cats naturally shed their claws, that may be what you're finding. I clip my cats' claws so they will not be sharp. They don't love it but they don't hate it. And my furniture, hardwood floors, and skin appreciate it. ;)
Yes. They get used to it after a while. Just make sure not to clip the quick (the white part, not the clear part).

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