My baby yorkie sleeps a lot, is it normal?

I just got a yorkie yesterday, he is 3 months old, he plays from time to time, he is eating, but he sleeps a lot, I would like to know if that is normal for puppies, Thanks! never had a puppy and this is all very new to me.
It is common for 12 week old puppies to sleep as much as 20 hours daily. Since you just got this puppy yesterday, you should take him to the vet and bring along all the paperwork from the seller. The vet will evaluate his health and review the records regarding vaccinations and worming to be sure they are up to date. This is important because at 12 weeks, if your puppy was not vaccinated properly or dewormed, he will quickly start to get very sick. Your vet will guide you in what needs to be done, but let's assume that the puppy was dewormed and vaccinated for the moment at least for this discussion.

They typically play hard from time to time and then take long naps of a few hours. Yorkies are prone to not eating enough or frequently enough--causing them to go into hypoglycemic shock.

Be sure to feed the puppy 3-4 times daily and monitor that he is actually eating roughly 1/4 cup of food eat each feeding. If he just takes a few bites and leaves most, that is not enough--and may lead to seizures. If you were given food from the seller, be sure to use that food and follow his feeding directions.

Don't forget to take him to the vet for his first visit today.'s normal for all dogs to sleep alot matter their age !! Take Care :)
Yes, yorkies are delicate creatures and wonderful pets. I had a teacup yorkie. It is okay that they sleep a lot. They are like babies until they get older. Good luck!
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normal,,, even older dogs will snooze a lot if there is nothing to get their attenition
Yeah that is normal after all she is just a baby.
sleeping is normal.they love to sleep in the sun. :)
On average dogs and puppies sleep about 20 hours a day. Of course not all at one time. But that's alot of sleep. Plus you have to add the factor that he is still getting used to his new surroundings. That can be extremely exhausting for such a little guy. Enjoy your new pup. Good luck
puppies do sleep a lot. i am going to tell you right now to enjoy it! as soon as he gets a little older he will be so playful and rambuncious. my mother has a yorkie and they are crazy. i think it is the terrier in them. i have a boston terrier and he is also a little crazy. i can't wait til he is a bit older and calms down.
Yes it is normal for puppies especially to sleep a lot. Like babies, they need their rest. Just make sure you take him to your vet soon for a check up. Anytime you get a new puppy, or any animal for that matter, you should get them to the vet for a check up, and you will catch any unsuspected problems and may beable to correct a problem before it becomes too big. GOOD LUCK, AND CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW BABY!
At 3 months, yes, your puppy should be sleeping for long stretches two or three naps a day plus night time sleeping. Puppies need extra sleep to help them grow and keep them mentally fit as well. Very Normal.
It is normal for puppies. Best time to teach them new things.
Yup, puppies sleep alot.. When you are asleep, you grow and you heal. Puppies go thru an amazing growth that first year of their life.. Going from tiny baby to adult dog.. They tend to sleep and need to sleep alot.
Seems like puppies and even grown dogs sleep about 20 or more hours a day. As long as the pup gets up and plays, moves around normally and is eating and P&P, AND YOU HAVE TAKEN IT TO THE VET FOR A CHECK-UP and health clearance, he sounds like a "normal" pup to me. I had folks bring a German Shepherd pup to me for obedience lessons at 8 weeks of age. Guess what? We couldn't keep her awake to teach her anything. Now, at 12 weeks of age, her little owner who is 10 years old, gives only TWO WORDS verbally, "Watch me," and then gives the hand signals for sit, down, sit. And they both did it perfectly last week! Was I thrilled? You better believe I was thrilled.
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Congradulations on your new friend. Just like an infant, That is how they grow. Hes just a baby so yes... hes gonna sleep quite a bit right now. Enjoy these peaceful days because before you know it, hes gonna be running around and around in circles going crazy with energy. And sleep will be the last thing on his mind. Get signed up for some training classes right away so you will know what to do about his mouthing and nipping, and jumping and all that stuff. He can be fixed at 5 months old. Doing this will not only make him live longer, but will prevent him from getting many different cancers. Good luck honey and keep us in mind if you have other questions.
Yes perfectly normal for a puppy to sleep a lot. My bulldog puppy slept two hours every two - three hours for the first few weeks. It is really important for your puppy to sleep just like a baby it is really crucial to let them sleep. He will gradually sleep less and less as he gets older.
Yes it is normal especially if he is content and full.My puppy plays so hard he sleeps when he sits down..Enjoy him.

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