After pregnancy, how do you get her nipples to go back to normal?

You leave the dog alone - her body will recover in it's own time.
Why would you ask for such a thing? Should you think about the health of the mother first?
you be patient. if her body changes in any way, its for a good reason. dont rush it at all. just have your patience.
They take a while to recover so will anyones who has had suckling done.
you don't. Mother nature will do it. They probably will not return totally to the appearance of "pre-whelping"
Some bitches nipples will go back to the same condition after whelping, some will never be as they were before. It depends on the **, find out how her dam did after pregnancy.
they will never be the same again cut the poor girl some slack if you didnt want her to have saggy boobies why did you breed her honestly there are better things to worry about in life then your dogs boobs.please never have children of your own then youll no about saggy boobs happens to the best of us.

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