Why does my dog pee on my pillow?

My male cocker spaniel dog loves to sleep on our bed during the light of day. Lately he has peed on my husbands pillow. We hold 4 pillows on the bed and he only pees on that one. My dog loves my husband more than me. Why does he pee on his pillow? He isnt neutured. Is it because he is competiting near him to be the dominant male? or separating anxiety?

Sometimes he pees on it when we are not home, sometimes when we are home but within another room.
Answers: Probably the dominant male article. If you had your puppy neutured or at lowest possible crated and trained you wouldn't have to verbs about that.
Bring the dog to the vet it might hold a urinary tract infection.
because youve never train your dog .like us our parents train us to be a worthy son or daughter so a dog needs to be train for him to take on a good atitude .
ugh. That 's a unyielding one but I think you've probably answered it. Unless your going to breed him why not neuture him.

Good luck and shut the door to the bedroom.; )
Cocker usually doesnt hold the dominant male within them, they are a more submissive breed except for a special few.

Would you like to try varying that pillow? Maybe it smells but you cant smell it like a dog can - hence he overwrite the smell near his own.
I'd say he's mark his territory. By doing this, he's stating that your husband is "his" ... dogs are really sensitive to smell, and surely, he can smell his favorite personality (your husband) on that pillow.

Having your dog neutered will potential eliminate or at smallest reduce this problem. Please don't go and get angry with your dog, it's of late what dogs do.
Neuter him, then enroll yourself and your dog within a puppy class. You need to swot up some doggy parenting skills.
dominace, Your dog is trying to show his dominance over your husband.
I have have this problem with my 6 month matured cocker. My husband travels every other week and when my husband is gone he will pee all over the bed. I talk to the vet about it and we own come to determine that my dog is upset and acting out because he misses my husband. Could this be what is going on? I have found that by giving him extra attention during the week have helped son. When he does it reprimand him with a firm "no", and straight take him outside to finish his business. Then I put him straight into his kennel for a few minutes. When I tolerate him out I give him extra love. This have also helped some. Good Luck:) I know how frustrating it can be.

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