How do I get my 8 week old puppy to sleep throught the night?

We have had our 8 week of Shih Tzu for a week now (she was 7 weeks when we got her). She wakes us up crying EVERY night. Some people have said to not get up and get her.but sometimes, we have to because she will not stop crying if we dont. She sleeps in her pet taxi in the other room. I have tried using a heating pad on low and she does not like sleeping on it. I have tried putting a clock by her bed, but the ticking does nothing to calm her. She has a small night light in her room where she sleeps and plenty of water and food plus toys. She has been to the vet and is perfectly healthy. Also- we have tried making her bed in the spare bathroom...but that seemed to be worse. Do you have any suggestions to get her to stop crying every night?
Many people have given you good points.

1. She's very young, still. Her bladder is not fully developed and she will need to go potty frequently throughout the night. A good rule of thumb is... if you have to get up and go, she probably does, too.

Take her to her potty place at least twice a night. Once every 4 hours should be fine overnight.

2. Pick up her food and water. She doesn't need it at night. With both available, she'll need to go potty far more often. She'll be okay if you feed and water her first thing in the morning.

3. Play with her just before she goes to bed. Wear her out, and take her out to go potty just before bed. This will help her get through the night.

4. Put her Pet Taxi in the room with you. I -know- the whining is unbearable sometimes. When she whines... take her out to go potty. If she doesn't go, RIGHT back in the Pet Taxi.

5. Try a radio on the white-noise station, or on a talking station on low. This works very well for our dogs.

6. Put something in there that smells like you. She's lonely! She's just been taken away from her mother, and all her siblings. She's never been alone before. It's a hard thing to get used to.

Once she stops whining when she's in your room with you, then you can move her closer and closer to the door.. further and further away. She's a baby. Keep that in mind. Enjoy her baby days! They grow up really quickly.
give him some MSG or seasoning that are bought in the market...the one that makes your food much tastier when you are cooking...surely your puppy will be able to sleep...its a tried and tested formula
Try putting her beddings next to were you sleep, maybe she feels that she needs to be with you
I have a dog that cried for 3 weeks after we got her. I finally put an old boot in her bed with a ticking clock inside, covered it with one of her blankets and put her to bed. It worked like a charm after the first night. She sort of cried for about an hour but when I didn't run to her comfort her, she went to sleep. She didn't have to have it after about a week and has slept for the most part through the night ever since.
well first off, congrats with your new pup. She doesnt quite have the bladder to last all night (7-8 hours). She's probably crying because she has to go potty and also because she's still not used to be alone at night. Have you tried putting music on (I saw you tried the clock thing..dont worry it didnt work for my pup either). My pup didnt like the heating pad either (he's got a thick coat) so I just gave him a pillow case that smells like me. I've had my new 8 week old pup for 2 weeks now and the most he can go is about 5-6 hours. So that does mean I have to either get up early or go to bed later. Dont worry with time it will get better. A week ago he was getting up every 3 hours or so.
Well I was going to suggest a clock but that's out of the question I see. The only thing I can think of is to make sure she's tired around the time of her bedtime. Make sure your are playing with her and training her until she is exhuasted. If she's tired from a full day of adventures there's no way she could with stand crying all night. Another way is to stay with one location for her bed and get her associated more with it. Put her in her bed for short times in the day or when you have time and for each time she is behavied and quite give her praise. This way she learns that this is her safe haven and she will no longer feel that she is being left alone in a strange place. Hope this helps some!
Well the thing is, she is too young yet to sleep thru the night.. Unless she is allowed to pee anywhere she pleases, she is waking up and wanting to go outside..
She is a baby, babies don't sleep all night long without getting up and needing to pee...
Plus if you are feeding and giving her water all night, she is going to need to go out even more often...
play with your puppy. Puppies crave attention from you at this stage and I suggest talking her for walks at least every day like an hour or two before you go to bed. This way they will be ready to go to bed when you are.
I had the same problem with my yorkie when he was a baby.. if i put him in his kennel he would cry the only way to get him to stop was to let him sleep with me on my bed. He would wake me up once or twice if he had to go to the bathroom, but i didnt mind that i would rather him pee on his pad then in my bed. Hope you figure something out it can be stressful.
Put a ticking clock inside a piece of the shirt you wore that day. Your puppy will snuggle up to it all night. Also, it couldn't hurt to bring the kennel in your room so your puppy can see that she's not alone. People were right to tell you to ignore the crying. If you go get her when she cries then you teach her that crying will get you to come. Even if the clock thing doesn't work (it did with my puppy) she will grow tired of it. It took my puppy about 3 weeks to sleep all night.
Good Luck.
Patience. Have you tried putting her bed in your room so she can hear & see you? She's learning to be alone & some pups take longer than others. It's a separation thing. She also doesn't need food & water through out the night. This will only add to the potty training problems. With my 1st poodle, she had problems whenever I left her home & started pulling out her hair. I had read an article that suggested leaving a radio or t.v. on. I tried it & it worked to my surprise. So now when I leave, I leave the t.v. on & they're fine. It would be worth trying. These are some of the things I've had success with.
Good luck. And I promise, it will get better.
When we got our pup we first crated her overnight outside our bedroom door. That did not work, and we live in an apt. and did not want to torture our neighbors with her crying.

We ended up moving the crate into our bedroom and put it next to the bed. That stopped the crying. Over the course of a few weeks we slowly moved the crate closer to the door, then eventually outsde the door, which is where she now sleeps. The first night she was outside the door she whimpered a little, but we "shushed" her and she quieted down. No issues since.
try putting her in the same room but in her own bed that wasy she's not alone but shes not on your bed
Are you potty training her with a crate or the pet taxi? If so, she may be crying because she has to "go." My beagle did this when I crate trained her...getting up at 2 am was a pain, but she was potty trained in a month or so (with a few accidents here and there). Also, she may be lonely for her mom and siblings. You are her new family, so it might help her to have her pet taxi in your room where she can be comforted by your smell, or at least the sight of you. It will probably help just to shush her without getting up, just so she can hear your voice and know you are close by. She's a baby, so she has to "dealt with" like any other baby while she adjusts and grows and learns.
go buy a toy and go rub the moms sent on the pup and the mom can think its next to him mommy
It sounds like she's lonely. If she has recently been separated from her siblings and mother then that is most likely the case. You may try giving her some warmed milk and a little music or a recording of your voices.

Perhaps you should let her just sleep in your room, but if she isn't potty trained that can be very difficult.

Good luck.
Try putting the puppy in your room at night. Put something of yours in with her. Like a towel, blanket, something that smells like you. I had a Cocker one time, she had to sleep on my side of the bed, with my hand down there, so she could smell me. She is used to being with you during the day, she's all alone at night. After some time, you can move her out of the room, if you wish...
Puppies get scared at night being alone. My dog would get up every couple hours for the first week or two of having her (I got her at 6 weeks). I would get up and get her at first, take her to the bathroom, tell her that she was going to bed and put her back. I would do that everytime she got up. She slowly learned that she gets up to go potty and back to bed, not to play. Try putting her crate or whatever she is in next to your bed and when she starts whining/crying, put your fingers through the wires so she can smell you or lick you. This way she knows you are there but you aren't spoiling her by picking her up all night. After a few nights or even a week she will slowly be comfortable knowing where she is and that you are at a safe distance away. good luck! most importantly - be consistant.

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