Why my dog don't put weight on her right back leg when walking.?

yesterday i took my dog for a walk and she ran down a hill. last week when she ran down the same hill she landed wrong when she reached the bottom, but she was fine. When she did that yesterday she didn't even want to go for a walk anymore she just went back towards the house and stood there til I came to let her back in. that's when i noticed she was walikng with just three legs never letting her right back leg touch the ground. she walks don't step with her right legs in the air but never when she was on a flat surface. even though she not crying or showing signs that it hurt i still very worried. I planning to go to the vet as soon as possible but just cant right now. please give me some insight on what might be the problem please. thank you
check the underside of the paw. There might be a thorn or a small rock that is causing her pain, or some other leg injury. Take her to the vet as soon as you can, and try putting a cold-pack on the bad leg.
her leg is probably sore.
Let her rest and be comfortable, and get to the vet ASAP
think about it. would you try and keep weight off a limb that was hurting you? makes sense, huh?..
Sounds like an ACL injury. Needs the vet, in the meantime keep her quiet.
Only your vet can give you the correct answer.

It could be anything from stained muscle to ruptured cruciate ligament.
If you can't get your dog to the vet sooner can a friend?
If your dog is walking on 3 legs the chances are it's in pain!
I think if she broke something she would be whimpering or barking, so that shouldn't be the problem. It may be she just has a bruise on the paw and it hurts to put weight on it, like you having a big bruise on the ball of your foot. It could also be she pulled a muscle, but whatever it is make sure your vet checks it out and gives a professional opinion.
She could have dislocated something in her hip or knee. Maybe even tore a tendon in the knee or leg. Rest her until you can get her to the vet. That means no running or long walks. Just outside for potty time and then back in. Keep her crated if necessary.
have you checked her paws? If she got a pebble or something stuck between her pads she will avoid putting weight on that foot, but wont cry or anything (because it doesn't hurt when her weight isn't on it)
The simple reason could be a pulled muscle. The worst could be a torn ligament or broken bone..
I'd have her seen as soon as you can. For just rest her and just take her out to go pottly no more.
it might be sprained my cuz acidantaly hit his dog with a plastick pipe while we were playing baseball he had to stop walking on that foot for a while take the dog to the vet just in case
Acl is the first thing that springs to mind, (ie torm ligament at the elbow) she needs to see a vet ASAP, what you can try untill you get there is very gently apply hot (HAND HOT) and cold packs to her joints this, will relax the muscles, but she really needs to get into the vet.
She probably pulled or sprained a muscle or ligament in her leg. If it really, really hurt her she would be showing it more. Get her to lay down and feel around her leg and paw, see if it's tender anywhere. Do take her to the vet's as soon as you can, but until then an ice pack on her leg may help her about a bit. Good luck
Beg, borrow, or steal the money but get your dog to the vet NOW. She probably strained a muscle or a ligament but could possibly have torn something or even broken a bone; and either of those can be critical. If allowed to set for even a few days your dog may never be able to walk properly on that leg again. It's akin to you or a loved one hurting themselves the same way and saying "sorry, we can't take you to the doctor right now". When we take our pets as our responsibility we owe them immediate medical care. I'm sure you know that love is not enough. The other thing is animals, dogs and cats in particular, can hide enormous amounts of pain. When they finally show symptoms of pain they are in agony. I'm sure you don't want her to suffer more than necessary. Please go to your vet with her today. Good luck! I hope she recovers completely.
We had the same thing happen to our dog. We checked her paw and didint see anything, so we took her to the vet. She had a torn ligiment in her knee. They gave her pain medicine and that helped. The vet said if she did not get any better they can do surgery on it. But she healed find without it. Hope your dog feels better
Well, we know one thing for sure- she's having some pain . Dog's won't cry unless the pain is excruciating. They have a very high pain tolerance. It's instinctive. In the wild it shows that they're vulnerable. So you can't be sure how much pain she's having. I'd keep a close eye on her and see how she's doing. Until then you can give her ASPIRIN. A 325mg dose is good for a med/lg size dog... YES it is ok to give her ASPIRIN(I've checked with my vet)- regular aspirin NO TYLENOL, MOTRIN or any other kind pain reliever. The aspirin will help relieve some of the discomfort she's having now. If you want you can call your vet to ease your mind.
Hope this helped. Good luck and I hope she's ok.

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