Need a name for a liitle puppy meaning second chances?

he is only 3 weeks old and he has no mommy we need a name that means second chances thx for the help
I was going to name the one I just got abadnoned danny, but we went with peabody cause he just pees on anybody. To young for any control but we liked peabody. But I will use abandoned danny some day.
how about Chance. I like that name for a dog.

Ive always liked the name Bo. But I guess Homer would work.
chance squared
Segundo (spanish for second)
Chance, Lucky, both are good choices. ( i prefer chance!)
I agree with Amy00 and Kys. You should name him Chance
Lucky... like of 101 dalamations (-:
it is a boy right well here.chance ,that is all i can think of lol

sorry besides if i were you i would name him chance!
how about survior...or faith
I think Chance or Lucky is cute!
chance, champ, rider, kingston, ashton, tramper, parker, trooper, dopey, doc, beasty, nemo, ranger, action
phoenix (pronounsed fenix ) after a mythical bird who rose from the ashes
how about Sequel? LOL

Chance, Faith, Hope, Break, Continue, Redo, Undo, Comeback, Opportunity
Vivre encore- to live again (vee vrugh on-core)
Deusieme chance- litteraly second chance (duh-see-em ch-ah-nce)

I like Vivre for a girl- or vive(just 'live'- not 'to live'- vee vuh)

Carnie- Reincarnation (people might think circus dog though)
HELUSHKA (Hel-lush-ka) - Native American Winnebago name meaning "Fighter".
There are names that can be symbollically meaning "second chance". For example, the Hebrew name "Abel" can be interpreted that way because he was the second son of Adam and Eve.

"Aki" is a Japanese name that can mean "second" or "hope".

You can also name him "Chance", which is an English word.

The Indonesian name "Dwi" means second child.

Hope this helps and good luck!
Dos like the spanish number for 2.
Tonka tough like a Tonka truck.
the name Ajali, it can be for boy or girl and it means Destiny;chance in Swahili and pronounced (ah JAH lee)... a little different and unique, but that can be a good thing! it could be shortened into Jayli or something else cute! Good Luck!!
I would name him Phoenix...

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