Why do dogs sniff people's crotches?

When I have quests and relatives coming over in my home, my dog,buttercup, would greet these people by sniffing they're crotches. It is embarrassing to me and very hard to stop this habit of buttercup. Please help me stop this problem!!!
That's normal behavior.

They sniff each others ummm privates too.

Its how they identify individuals is their unique smell.
theyre sniffing for bones.

i dont know why they sniff women, sorry.
The dogs once held a meeting; they came from near and far.
Some of them came by train, and others by trolley car.

But before they got inside the hall and allowed to take a look,
They had to take their rear ends off and hang them on a hook.

Then in the hall they went at once... the Mother, son and sire.
But hardly were they seated when some "mongrel" hollared "FIRE!"

So out the door they ran all in a bunch... they had not time to look...
And each one took a rear-end, at random, from the hook.

They got their rear-ends all mixed up, which made them awful sore.
To think they didn't have the one they'd always had before.

And that's the reason you will see, when you go down the street,
Each dog will stop to swap a smell with every dog they meet.

And that's the reason why a dog will leave a nice fat bone.
To go and smell a rear-end... 'cause he hopes to find his own!
Believe it or not, each person, as dogs have, their own unique scent. Basically, they are doing so for identification purposes.
ew i dunno...
The same reason they sniff each others butts. Just saying hello and how are you/who are you.
sweat. eveone's smells different so it's like getting to know the person's smell.
Have your guests smear Vick's Mentholatum on their crotches as they enter the house.
I think it's akin to dog's sniffing one another's butts it's how they get to know each other. If the person is a woman and she's on her period, the dog will do it even more because for some reason they're attracted to the scent of the blood. Gross but true. I don't know what you could do about it other than hold your dog back when you greet people so that he or she doesn't have the chance to do this in the first place.
They do this to identify whether the person
is a male or female. (Your dog thinks that
it is human!!)
Because our crotches ooze pheromones and other such scents and and to a dog its a way of finding out about a person. A dogs nose is estimated to be about 600 times more sensitive than ours, and with a greater proportion of their brain dedicated to scent.
your dog is just greeting your family.. as they would another dog.. dogs scent glands are around the butt area.. so thats why buttercup is doing that...shes not meaning to be rude..
i really dont know...maybe curious of the smell...because their noses are so sensitive to smell..i dont have that problem with my dog.the problem i have is she tries dragging her butt across people's toes when they are bare foot...lol...
The real answer is pheromones. That is where humans will have the strongest scent of pheromones, and the dog smells that, only times 1000 because of their heightened sense of smell. It's science.

Stopping it is in training your dog to sit and stay. He may get excited when people show up, so make him sit, stay, laydown. I don't think it will ever really stop, but this will help curb it. Good luck!
honestly, its not just your dog who's doing that, so don't worry. dogs in general sniff people's crotches because that's where people's identifying scent is located. the dogs get a good whiff of the scent (especially when the people are relatively new to him) and remember that scent and associate that scent with that person so that they know exactly who the good guys are from the bad guys.
well it sniffes people crotches because every time a dog pees it goes and smells it so the guys pee the dog smelles it and follows it until it hits da crotches the only way to stop it is to make the guys stop! wich will b never
It is not to be rude a dogs olfactory collectors are extremely well developed and they can smell thing we can't. If it is a big dog and your dog just pull him back and grab his head and look him in the eyes and say bad simply BAD! in a gruff voice. Then make him sit down. If it is not your dog be aware this can be a dominance thing and they can often get aggressive. be careful around strange dogs. It can also be a greeting and a way that they get your sent and remember who your are. Sometimes it is because he or she is unaltered and thinks that people are its kind. It is often safer to alter your animal as they live happier lives and are often better mannered it is also master control learn how to handle your pet better and it will save you the embarrassing situations. Good Luck and Stay safe just tell dogie it's not cool thing to do.
Well there is no real way to stop this. This is their way of saying hello. Dogs sniff other dogs buts when they say hello. So sniffin the crotch is just the same. But it is also their way of remember their scent. Dogs are very particular about people. Dogs sniff the crotches also because they want to remember who the people are that are coming in your house, they remember people the best by their scent.
For dogs it's lilke shaking hands, they learn a lot by scent. Proper training is the only way to stop this behavior. But you should allow your dog to sniff any dog it meets as this is how they learn about the other dog and are less likely to have aggression issues. As far as keeping them from doing it to people it takes proper training, just the same as having your dog jump on people through proper reward training it can be done, it just takes work. Consult a trainer in your area or contact your Vet for a list or reputable trainers in your neighborhood.
Yeah it does bother people. I have one that does it too. I usually just tell himthank you he will go on. My mom comes over she does it now too. However everyone else is on their own and smack his nose. Remember dogs smell each other by the scent of their anal glands.

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