Is it ok to feed my dog yogurt?

I know there are some foods you shold not feed dogs, but I have never heard about yogurt?
I have done it already and it seems to give her the runs.
I feed my dog yogurt (plain, unflavored, fat free) every morning with her kibble. She has awful gas (due to allergies to everything, so her food protein source has to be fish), and the active cultures in yogurt get rid of the problem. Every dog is different, and obviously your dog doesn't tolerate it well, so I would suggest not feeding it anymore.

Stay away from flavored yogurts, as that could be part of the problem with her.

Edited To Add -- I give my dog 2 tablespoons daily with her kibble, and her stools are fine. No, runs, no nothing. Despite what people above say, the ACTIVE CULTURES in yogurt are a fantastic digestive aid!
Plain low fat yogurt is fine but not a whole lot. A tablespoon or two is just fine.
Yes, yogurt is actually good for a dog's digestion. Just make it no fat, no sugar added. My dogs get about 1 tablespoon daily. If your dog gets the runs from it, maybe you're giving her too much?
I wouldn't try it again. It didn't agree with your dog's stomach. Stick to kibble, or a small treat now and then but no processed human foods.
not really because then they want more and more every time they see you eat some.
Yogurt is okay for dogs, but if it's already giving her diarrhea, maybe you should lay off.
Absolutely! A couple of times a week is good for their digestive system too. A table spoon or so mixed in with food.
Not a lot and use the plain kind. It's used to revive the digestion system.
On a regular basis, no. Otherwise you get the results you already have. Ocassionally, adding like a tablespoon of PLAIN yogurt to their food is actually beneficial for them. That and cottage cheese. The enzymes are a great digestive aid.
Many times milk products will give the runs. Yogurt does not usually hurt dogs but why would you want to give her the trots?
Are you giving her yogurt with fruit b/c maybe it is the fruit and not the yogurt?
I often give my dogs plain yogurt (usually only a tablespoon) any time they have to be on a course of antibiotics as it helps re-instate the proper flora and fauna in the intestinal tract.
Yes, I do it all the time. Low fat vanilla with active culture. A spoonful on her dry food to kick start her.
i wouldnt think so because it has milk in it and other things but i say if he likes it then give it to him
To be honest dairy products are usually not a good idea to give to dogs, if you do decide to give it, maybe a spoonfull will be ok. most dogs are lactose intollerant so be carefull of runny tummies and vomiting.
Yep. I give my dog a spoonful at a time as a special treat when I'm training her. Just vanilla, no fruit or flavorings; oh, yeah, low fat.
You have answered your own question. yogurt gave your dog the runs so there for you should not feed your dog yogurt!

That said... some people do add it the food occasionally making claims that it aids in digestion. Dogs are not meant to have dairy products. Some dogs do not get the runs from it and the owners think they are doing something healthy for he dog but they really aren't and it does nothing for the dog OR put good bacteria in the gut. It's just not happening.
Normally it is okay. My dogs love it but I only give them a small amount at a time when I do give it to them, and then usually plain yogurt. Since your dog gets the runs, don't give it to her. Also, if it is artificially sweetened, that could be causing the reaction.
A good treat that is not nutritional really, but is formulated for dogs and they go nuts over it, is "Frosty Paws" which comes in a box of four cups of doggie ice-cream. Your dog will love you for that. Also, whenever you dog gets the runs from anything, you can give her some pumpkin pie filling which is sold in grocery stores and is just plain ol' pureed pumpkin. This is a natural binder and great for dogs. cheap too with no side effects. I get "Frosty Paws" for my dogs from the human ice-cream section in some large stores like Kroger's, Randall's, Super Target, etc. Call your store and ask if they have it in stock or can get it in stock.
It is fine to give
a dog yogurt
as long
as you
dont give it to much
and it should
be a yogurt
with not much fat or
I once had a doberman. When I got his ears cropped the vet told me to feed him cottage cheese or yogurt to increase his calcium intake. He said it would help stiffen the ears as he healed. Worked like a charm! If the yogurt gives your dog the runs, try the cottage cheese and see what happens.So, yes, it's okay. Also, raw eggs in your dogs diet will help make your dogs coat nice and shiny!
Hello dairy prodects of any kind, milk, yogurts...NONE after an animal is weaned ..ever - unless you don't mind giving your dog diarhea tech, my butt !!!
Yes, it is perfectly fine. In fact, many dog foods have yogurt as in ingredient.

The live/active cultures in the yogurt are good for the digestive tract (this is a benefit you don't get from the yogurt in the dog food, since it is not fresh yogurt).

Too much of a dairy product can have the effect of giving the dog diarrhea's, so you may want to cut back on the quantity you give her. I add a tablespoon of yogurt to my dog's dry food on about every other day, she loves it. Also, make sure you use plain yogurt, not flavored.
There was a list of food you should not feed your pets yestarday and one of them was milk... I dont think it will hurt him once, but dont give it to him again! It will give him the runs like tyou said happend.
It may just be your dog. Maybe she/he has a sensitive stomach. But if your talking about dogs in general, no... yogurt doesn't affect them in any bad way that I know of.

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