I got my puppy at 5 weeks old is that okay?

my puppy has some teeth.He runs around & plays.But he wont eat right
Thats young for a puppy to leave its mother. Maybe you should talk to a vet. To be safe!
At 5 weeks he should still be with his mommy. He probably wasn't weaned before you got him. Feed him puppy food, soaked in warm water to soften it up. He probably cannot eat the dry. I have 2 litters of pups at home and they are still nursing mama dogs.
This is really a bit young for the puppy to leave momma. You will probably need to soften the food with some water for a few weeks until your puppy can manage hard food better.
A puppy needs to be with his mom until 8 -9 weeks old.
OK? Only if the mama and the siblings all died from something. Pups should stay with mama and siblings until at least 8 weeks. They should be weaned from mama somewhere around 6 weeks, then mama should have 2 weeks, at least, to teach them proper puppy manners.

Your pup should be given at least 4 meals a day, preferably 6 meals. His tiny tummy can't hold much, but his growing body needs lots of nutrition.

You should get a small can of powdered puppy formula, or a couple cans of pre-mixed formula. He should be given formula, mixed with puppy chow (softening the kibbles for him) for at least a week. He should also have plenty of fresh water available, at all times.

You will not likely be able to housebreak him for another week, as his bladder/bowels are not yet full under control. Keep lots of papers down, and as soon as he wakes up/finishes eating/stops playing, get him on the papers to do his duty.

He is going to need a lot more attention than a pup who was properly weaned and trained by his mother.

Also, get him to the vet for his required shots. As soon as pups stop nursing, they lose their immunity to Parvo and several other deadly diseases. Ask your vet about any other special needs this little guy requires.

Good luck!
Dogs should usually be with their mom until about five months, no matter the size. Preferably older than five months, really. But my mom got her Lab when she was six months.
Well no its not okay to have a puppy at 5 weeks! you should have a puppy that is over8 atleast. And the reason why your puppy wont eat right is because it is still a baby, it needs its moms milk but if you cant keep in touch with the mother, than feed it food with probably a little bit of milk mixed in it. but make sure the food is chewy not hard and crunchy, chewy and soft with a little milk to make it feel like its drinking the milk while it is eating the food that is not hard to hurt its growing teeth =)
you should check with a vet about this aswell!
too young! feed him puppy food soaked in warm milk(for animals not our milk). this should perk him right up and get him eating well! keep a close eye on him and if he doesn't start eating soon, or he get real lazy, take him to the vet!!
usually the puppies aren't ready to get away from momma at 5 weeks.he probably misses her and any other siblings there were.i would give it time and see if his appetite improves
Obviously telling you he should have stayed with mum for another week or so is pointless because you have him home already.

Feeding a puppy this little has to be taught to him and not just expected that he know how to do it.start with soft mushy puppy foods as they will have all the nutritional contents that he will need.might i sugguest you heat the food just a little to make it smell stronger.the aromas of it should help stimulate him into eating better.perhaps sit on the floor with him while he eats, the secutity of you being close might help things a little too.
If he is a slow starter when it comes to solids just be patient with him, dont get frustrated or angry with him if he doesnt follow your instructions and make sure he always has water down to drink aswell as you offering him puppy milk, if you cannot afford puppy milk try a lactose free milk for humans, though not the perfect choice its better than nothing at all.
As long as he is happy and healthy then I wouldnt be to concerned.
Oh.and just for a little extra info.

Puppies should be wormed every 2 weeks from 2 to 12 weeks of age, then monthly to 6 months, then at 3 monthly intervals afterwards. If hydatid tapeworms are a problem (if your dog has access to raw offal), then worming every 6 weeks is a good idea. Make sure you pick up your puppy’s faeces regularly, as puppies love to eat their own poo, which can cause reinfestation with worms.

A vaccination program should start at 6-8 weeks of age, and boosters are given at approximately 4 to 6 week intervals until the puppy is 18 to 20 weeks of age. Annual vaccination is recommended to keep antibody levels high throughout life.

Hope this helps.Enjoy your new pup!!
My youngest dog came to me at three weeks old. Three and five weeks old are too young to be away from the mother but sometimes people get rid of puppies and someone needs to care for them. I got my puppy some "Just Born" milk supplement specially formulated for puppies, available at pet stores. I mixed it into some high quality puppy food like canned nature's recipe or royal canine for puppies. These are excellent foods. I also made sure there was always water for the puppy to drink. If you can't afford the just born, you can use canned foods like the ones I just listed. Alpo and gravy foods can make a puppy sick as they are so rich and greasy. You can also get some Royal Canine puppy food, the dry kind and put that down for your puppy to free feed on besides the canned.
If you continue to have concerns about how your puppy is eating, consult your vet. There may be a problem other than the food.
No it is not ok. A puppy should not leave mom and littermates before it is 8 weeks old. In most states there is a law taht makes it illegal to buy, sell, adopt or give away any puppy that has not completed it's 7th week and in some states 8 weeks.

Puppies taken away too young can have socialization issues, behavior issues, eating issues, temperament issues, training issues and health issues.

If possible take the puppy back to the breeder until it is 8 weeks old.

Any breeder who lets a puppy go under 8 weeks is extremely irresponsible and not someone you really want ot get a puppy from in the first place.
NOT "OK"!!

What ignorant A-HOLE let a pup go that young?
Needs to be w/the litter for ANOTHER *MONTH*!

He won't eat right because he is still to young to be taken away from his mom, They have to be at least 8-10wks old before given away.

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