I'm scared is it OK for an elderly dog to go under surgery?

my 12yr old poodle should get surgery on his mouth cause of decay and bad breath, but I don't know if it's safe is he too old he'll be13 in dec. I don't want him to be in pain, but he doesn't act like his teeth hurts he still eats hard food and alot of things, but breath is really bad! I don't want nothing to go wrong cause I love him I'll die if something happens when he goes under what is the best thing I should do? should I leave it be or should his teeth get fixed I rather live with his bad breath then him dying or something else any advice? I've been contemplating about this for a while
Especially for a dental procedure, your dog will be fine. The veterinarian has two types of gasses they normally use, halothane & Isoflurane. With an older dog they'll use isoflurane, it's a bit more expensive, but your older dog will metabolize it better. Dont worry. All the vital signs will be monitored constantly during the process. Dental procedures are relatively easy. Really the dog only goes to sleep, because most animals won't let you scrape plaque of their mouths while they're awake.
I would be very nervous with an older dog like this having surgery. Your vet will need to evaluate his overall health, such as his heart, and see if he is strong enough for the surgery. Talk it over with your vet, tell him your fears and see what he says. Good luck.
You have to weigh the risks.Poor teeth can shorten his lifespan, as well as the risk of surgery.. the surgeon will do blood testing to determine if the anesthesia will be safe for him..the ones they use now are safer then those of just a few years ago..

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The average life span of the miniature and toy poodle is 15 to 18 years.
Ask your vet. Your poodle is pretty much at the end of the line anyhow, but if he has tooth decay that is making him suffer unnecessarily. He eats because he's hungry and may be just swallowing the food whole rather than chewing it up.
im not trying to be mean but if he is 12 almost 13 he might not have a whole lot of time too live, so u are gonna need to move on. since he doesnt have a whole lot longer 2 live, and it doesnt hurt, just leave it because surgery could be risky.
Talk to a vet. They will know what your dog can or can't handle. No matter what the vet tells you, though, be sure to get a second opinion. After all, you are talking about the difference between your dog's life or death over a seemingly cosmetic-type surgery. Good luck. I hope it works out for you and your dog.
Most elderly dogs don't survive after surgery. And the ones that do usually die a logn somethimes short if their lucky painful death due to infection. Most vets tell you the opposite and give you pills for it and say everything will be okay but you'll see. I would suggest spending as much quality time with your poodle before he dies after the surgery.
There's always a risk when your dog must undergo a procedure that involves anesthesia. If your vet says your dog needs anesthesia, be certain the office is fully equipped with anesthetic monitors: a pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, and ECG. A "pulse oximeter" is especially important because it alerts the vet if the dog's blood oxygen level falls below the safe limit. One type of anesthesia that is recommended for older dogs is "isoflurane," an inhalation-type anesthesia that is quickly eliminated from the dog's body once inhalation stops. However, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine reports in their March 1998 Newsletter that a new injectable anesthetic, "propofol" (brand name "Rapinovet," marketed by Mallinckrodt Veterinary, Inc.) has been shown to be less risky because it is eliminated even more quickly from the dog's body. Apparently, " . . . dogs show less residual grogginess and irritability when recovering from propofol . . ." Older dogs are generally at greater risk than younger dogs when anesthesia is administered, so this new anesthetic may be the best for an older dog. Only you can decide what is right for your dog. Try to get all the info that you can so that you can make an informed choice. Hope everything works out for you. Here is a site that might be helpful.

The vet will be able to tell you the best suggestion. If they think your dog's health is good enough where it could stand being put under anesthesia, chances are, it will probably be okay. That being said, there is a risk for ANY animal they put under anesthesia. It is a risk we take when they go in for surgery. If he is having trouble eating because of his teeth, I would suggest the surgery. They won't put him under if they already believe that he won't make it. They don't like to see animals die on the table.

I have a 16 year old poodle that we didn't neuter for years. He was an inside dog, and we just never did it. Last year around the beginning of October, we discovered he had a tumor in one of his testicles. The vet told us he needed to be neutered, to have the tumor removed. So, my then 15 year old poodle went to have surgery, and he came out of it okay. he was sore and not happy, but he lived through it.
It depends on how his health is. If he is still a strong dog he should be okay. If you are in doubt talk to your vet about it. He would be better at evaluating how your dog will fair in surgery then any of us.

I would have the work done if he is healthy enough since the smell is an indication that SOMETHING is wrong in his mouth, whether it be plaque, or (most likely) a decayed tooth that will cause pain eventually.
Have a long detailed talk with your vet. I think I would have xrays of the dog's heart and lungs,as well as blood work done. I do know some antastetics are saver than others. Of course the most safest is also the most expensive. I know I considered having fatty tumors removed from my dog,but fortunately before the surgery was scheldued it was brought to light that the dog has a heart problem. Thank God it was diagnoised before the surgery. Of course the surgery is OFF!! Only do what the Vet feels is safest for your dog and I wish you all the best of luck.
Ignore Summithorizon's answer! I had a 14-year old dog undergo eye surgery and she was just fine afterward!

Talk to your vet.

I have a pomeranian that suffers from the same thing your poodle is suffering from. The "surgery" is really just anesthitizing him to clean the plaque from his teeth. The decay around the teeth is what is causing the bad breath. It is considered a surgical procedure because the animal is put to sleep for it. This is less stressful to your dog than trying to do it while he is awake.

Small and toy breeds have all manner of oral problems. Once your vet has completed this initial treatment, you'll be able to continue with his tooth care at home. There really is no other way. Your dog will be happier and you won't mind as much when he wants to give you kisses.
If this is the Vet's order, then do not be scared, your dog should be ok. Mouth surgery cannot be compared to internal organ,or some kind of major surgery. Your dog will be anesthesized and will not feel anything. Just remeber, after the surgery to give your dog a lot of TLC. Right now, you will never now if the dog is in pain and you know that something is wrong with the dog , then for sure at some point and time or maybe most of the time, THE DOG IS IN PAIN. Stop thinking of how you feel right now about the surgery but instead, put yourselfe in the dogs situation, ask yourselfe, how would I feel? What do I feel right now? Youa may want to get over with this. If you wish, go get a second opinion from a vet.
When you go to take him in make sure you tell them you want IV Cathater and Fluids they are recomended for older animals to help keep their heart and blood pressure up so if you have iv cath and fluids you have nothing to worry about he will be fine.
Yeah of course, dogs are basically humans so yeah
Just like people. Get two opinions from different vets, then make the decision.
I would have to say you would have to talk to your veterinarian on this one. I understand your pet problem because I too, have pets of my own. What I want to ask is, is the surgery really life threatening? Or is it basic surgery.I wish you luck with your dog
Poodles only last 12-15 yrs. I've heard of some making it to 18+. However, why spend the money, when he'll be gone in a while? Sounds like your vet is trying to get money off of you. I don't mean to sound cruel, but if he doesn't have any problems, why mess with it?? In other words, don't fix it if it isn't broken.
Dentals help animals to live much longer. You can have a blood test performed that will indicate if your dog would be healthy enough to undergo surgery. Ask your Vet. Small dogs live much longer than big dogs and Poodles live a full life into old age. Poodles usually have warts that need removing and can be done at the time of the dental, Have him completly looked at for warts and any thing needing to be removed while he is knocked out for the surgery.
All of us lose dogs along our way, because dogs only live an average divided by 7 of our average of say eighty.
We normally replace those we lost with another, either when we lose them, or just before.
The most humane way to lose a dog is to let the vet put them out peacefully, when there is no more hope, to stop suffering, and spend our energy and love on a replacement, and time will heal the sore.
ideally if a vet is your friend, you will get the best advice, but professionally they have a job to do and money to make to live.
I have had 2 poodles. How is the dog's general health. The Vet told me that bad teeth can cause heart trouble. your Vet should know what is best for your dog.
I feel that having to deal with the bad breath, although unpleasant, might be the best thing to do for your friend. I do not have any pets, but I do work for a vet supply place. However, you might think of the fact that service from Veterinarians and medicine in general have come a long way. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Hope this helps!
Do not let them do it, i had a 12 yr old dog that went to the vet to get groomed and they put him to sleep to do it and it killed him, do not let them, vets can be stupid!
I can understand your concern. I would talk with your vet about your concerns because of the dogs age.The rotten teeth might be more of a risk to his over all health. I had a 9 year old Yorkie that went through the surgery just fine. His teeth rotted because he'd never let the vet look at them we I took him there once a year for shots. He always had to be muzzled before they could touch him. If the vet says there is a risk, only you can decide what to do. That foul breath can be pretty hard to live with.
I have had dogs as old as 15 undergo surgery. If you are scared you need to have a talk with your vet about the surgery and what concerns you. If you want your dog to live more comfortably and are sure he is too old, there may be options to the surgery. However, tooth decay can cause many problems with his health.

Know this though, you should do what is in the best interests of your pet companion. Whatever you choose, if something happens it is not your fault. We are all given a lenth of time to live, some have longer, some shorter. You are blessed to have had your dog for nearly 13 years, and his memory will continue to bless you long after he is gone.

Trust me, talk to your vet about your concerns. Together you can come up with a plan that suites your dog. And it is much better being informed than frightened near to death.
thats like say should my 100 year old grammy get false teeth, just leave im be
not positive
OH! i'm so sorry to hear that!
I would ask some "intellegent vets" for their opinion.
I hope he gets better!! and good luck!
Leave him be. God will decide. I,m not even religious, but I believe that nature will take it's course. The question you need to ask. Is your dog happy? If so leave him be. If not seek help. I speak only from experience. I'm getting old myself and I don't think I would want anyone cutting on me because my breath was bad. (age does cause tooth decay, your dog is getting old!!, and it sounds like he is happy) LET HIM LIVE IN DIGNITY
dogs dont have souls
wich means when they die nothing will happen
you dont want ur dog to end up like that do u??
kepp him alive
whatever it takes to be in this world one last time!!

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