Is it OK to feed my dog cooked pasta?

My boxer likes to eat plain cooked pasta like spaghetti and macaroni.
Yes, it is fine. Many dogs like it. If your dog has a tendancy to be overweight limit the amount to only small amounts occassionally. If you have an underweight dog pasta is good for helping him gain weight, but again moderation is key since dogs are meat eaters and derive their nutrition from meats not grains.
sure! But not too much, human food is not healthy for dogs and cats.
My dogs love pasta. Specially Alfredo. They been eating it for a long time without problems.
The question is..did you make him meatsauce and itallian bread. You can't eat just cooked pasta without the meatsauce and bread, what are you thinkin?
big DUH!!
probably, unless he's like my kid who is allergic to wheat. if he gets a sick stomach or an itchy rash he has allergies. if not, just try not to get him too fat! table food is not good for dogs.
I have a dog. I sometimes give her a human treat, which you can but isn't GREAT for them. The only things that dogs really can't eat are chocolate, candy, and anything with caffeine.
shouldn't hurt if not overdoing it, or if you leave the sauce off,because that could upset his system.
If a dog likes it, and it doesn't make the dog sick, then go for it. My dog loves potato and apple peelings. He is the second dog I've had who does. It has never hurt either of them.
i have never owned a dog. i would think not.
I am not a Vet. but in small amounts I don't see what it would hurt. Just don't make it a habit or a meal. The things I know that are not good for a dog is chocolate, pork, onions, and bones that splinter.
no. or only in very small quanities. wheat is a major source of allergies in dogs, and they can develop and build up through the years. continue feeding him pasta, and expect itchiness and hairloss later in life.
It's absolutely fine, but please add some mixed fruit & veges to the pasta for an all round taste treat. Yum
My dog does all the time.never had problems
yes you can feed your dog pasta. it is good for him. pasta is in some dog foods and i give it to my dogs. what you are feeding him is fine don't worry about it hurting him. good luck
Dogs will eat anything and If he likes it..keep feeding

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