Can I bathe my dog with flea shampoo if she is nursing pups?

The pups have gotten a few fleas from mom. The pups are only 3 days old. I am concerned about bathing mom with anything toxic right now. When can I bathe the pups? How can I control the fleas on the pups? Help!!
Absolutely not..Sorry, but there is not much you can do for mom yet, other than bathing, brushing and combing to get the fleas out of her coat..
You can safely give her a bath with Dawn or Ivory dish soap, or Ivory bar soap.Leave the soap on for at least 5 minutes, and then rinse very well..Use 1/4 cup of vinegar or lemon juice in the last gallon of rinse water..This will kill all of the fleas that are on her, but she will soon have them again from her surroundings..

You have to bathe right after the puppies have nursed, and get her completely dry and back to the puppies within 2 hours..That's a big chore..

Or, you can call your vet to get a flea control that is safe for her and the babies..
But, if you use the flea shampoo on her at this time, I can guarantee it will kill the babies..You can't rinse it all off, as enough will absorb in her skin to poison the puppies..
NO! Bath her in warm water with a few drops of Dawn dish washing liquid, and then rinse her thoroughly.

PS I don't know why, but Dawn kills fleas.
I wouldn't. Some flea products are quite toxic. Veterinarians can prepare meds in small doses for young animals which would be much safer for the babies.
No! Bathing your dog with anything that has a pesticide in it (any of the flea shampoo's on the market) is HIGHLY dangerous at this point, especially if she is still nursing.
Call your vet if the flea problem is really bad, they will be able to recommend something for you.
My dog has never had puppies so I wouldn't know. Why don't you find out then you can tell me if it is a good idea or not.
Good Luck!
get poisoned shampoo then
I would not reccommend doing that at all. The shampoo residue and smell would be toxic to the babies, although it is obvious that you need to do something. Call your Vet, we really don't have fleas in Alaska so this is new to me.
Yes,but be very careful,to make absolutely sure that you take plenty of clean water,and rinse off any trace of the shampoo from her breast. If the puppies get in into their mouths,and swallow it,it might make them very sick. Rinse her breast thoroughly to remove any of the shampoo.
I wouldn't if I were you. I can go to a feed store or a garden store and ask for a product called Diatomaceous Earth. Its all natural and non-toxic, you can even put it on the puppies. The product has the texture of unsifted flour. Its made up of small fossilized creatures called diatoms. When an insect walks through it, it cuts into their exoskeleton and causes them to dehydrate. It takes two or three days before the fleas are gone but its safe. You can use it for any bug problem. I have a toddler and was told by our doctor this product is safe enough to eat.
no do not use shampoo, may not hurt the pups on outside, but will start to absorb through nursing. use dawn dish soap. will kill fleas on contact and not harmfull at all
The best thing to do is call your vet to see if they have any suggestions i don't think you can bathe her in flea shampoo. Even if you do she will still get fleas from her pups.And it is best to do it as soon as possible because the puppies can get sick from the fleas at thier age..Call Your vet and MAKE SURE you use frontline or advantix in the future!
Give the mother a bath with DAWN dishwashing soap. This will be safe for the mom and pups. Use the same amount of soap as you would for giving the mom a bath with other shampoo. It will suds up alot. This will kill the fleas and eggs. You can actually see the dead fleas go down the drain. Rinse well to get all the soap off. Then dry. Then let her go back to her babies.

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