My dog has an upset stomach. How many Alka-Seltzer do I give to him?

between 30-35
Don't give Alka-Seltzer to your dog. Call your vet for a better alternative.
just one.
Don't give him any. Let him go outside and eat grass.
You don't !!
Don't do it! If you're determined to give him "people remedies" make him a nice cup of peppermint tea.
Pepto Bismol works better. 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds every 6 hours.
None! Do not give alka Seltzer to your dog!

Call the vet! Goodness.
Do not ever use human oral medications on animals without your Vet's approval.
Aspirin in dogs can be deadly as well as other commonly used ingredients.
How do you know he has upset stomach?
Vomiting? Loss of appetite?
Consult a professional.
Pepto is the best, if you cant afford to go to the vet, and ofcourse get the dog to eat some grass, if there is any around. Alka might make it worse..I had a friend try that B4 and her dog did not like it at all. Let us know how it turns out!! ) GOOD LUCK!
call the vet right away he could be very sick. are there any other problems?
Alka Setzer is for human consumption - not your pet's! Call the vet and ask him/her what to do for your dog.
Don't give your pet alka-seltzer.Give it about 1/3 teaspoon of Pepto Bismol and replace its water with the baby n0n-flavored pediolyte,this will settle its stomach
all of them. sprite is good for a stomach ache. so follow up the meds with sprite. repeat until he is better.
Don't give Alka-Seltzer to your dog. Call your vet for a better alternative for your dog.
You're going to find yourself with a restraining order from your local humane societies and pet stores with this kind of talk. Is that what you want? Just because Dr Cain is doing it? I thought you were better than him.

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