My dog is constantly licking her right leg by the joint, nothing visible looks to be wrong. Any idea what's up

I don't see anything physically wrong with her, she just goes crazy licking her leg on the joint. She goes harsh with it, then gentle and back to harsh. Does anyone know what could be wrong with her? No allergies or anything. Could it be that she's over weight and her joints hurt or that the weather is causing it? She's about 15 pounds overweight. She's a pit bull.a family pet.NOT a fight dog! IS there meds that could help her joints? Thanks!
could be joint painassociated with arthritis , nerve pain etc. I would contact your vet for an appointment. Xrays may be needed to rule out a tumor or other problem . yes, there is medication that can be prescribed . But do not give your dog anything over the counter wtihout first consulting your vet
It could be arthritis and if your dogs joint is sore, licking it is a way to attempt to ease the pain. I would check with your vet. Ours suggested asprin (but you need to see your vet to know how much) for the pain from arthritis.
well it could be the weather or cleaning it self there could be a thorn in the skin or something else try rubbing your finger across it see if she reacts if she does not try it a little harder if she reacts you might need to take her to a local vet
Get some Bitter Apple. It's a liquid or spray that goes onto the skin and gives the area a bad taste. But also take her to the vet if she continues.
Well, it's always best to talk to your vet. There are meds to help with joints. My old dog was on glucosamine and chondroiten for his joints. I was even able to buy it at Walgreens, over the counter. But always always always check with your vet before putting your dog on any meds.

Good luck.

Maybe she's just bored? I've heard of dogs licking out of boredom.
It could be arthritis. They lick their joints b/c they hurt. There are supplements/vitamins that you can give dogs for joint support.
Your suspecion makes sense, she could have arthritis or some inflamation. But it is defenitly affecting her.
I have a Jack Russel,not overweight. He got into it with a wild cat that pit his leg in same place you described.
Unfortunately after initial topical treatment I let it go and after bout a year a big not developed. Went to vet and it had to be drained. The vet said he may need some antidepression drug due to the developed habit of licking it for so long.
Well, the wound healed alright but he would continue to lick, sometimes bite/scractch with his teeth. If I say don't bite it he will stop and start licking.
If I tell him to stop licking he will after awhile. I threaten to put medicine on it. I have used hot sauce and other stuff from pet store that taste bad, even raped it up. But Tea tree oil spray seemed to work the best. But after awhile he got use to that.
When we are in bed and he is licking and I put my hand over it he will just lick my hand. Then I learned that when I feel (he tries to sneak and do it) he is licking I would scold him and I hear him give a little groan and he stops.
But at different times it seems when he is realyi addicted/bothered I will let him lick my face(sometime with a beard) or my head. He will lick either place for bout 10 min then stop and go to sleep.
So it could be psychosomatic. I don't mind his licking me and it helps him. Sometimes I see him licking the other unaffected leg in the same place. If I don't monitor him he will lick all the hair off and a sore develops.
Good luck. sorry bout the length.
it's called a HOTSPOT, which is a comfort thing it reminds them of nursing. one of my male chihuahuas sucks on his his siter and brothers ears and on his own foot atleast 3times a day. ask your vet for something to make him stop. i have bandage gaurd. most vets will have for after injuries. i also had a german shephard/rott mix who did that excact thing on the top of her paw. they gave me the same thing and called it a hotspot. it usually only will cause a sore or callous but no other harm as they clean it alot. good luck it's hard to break
Depending on your dog's age it could be arthiritis. My older dog had it too. She would knaw her self raw. If the problem is arthiritis i recomend using --Rimadyl--. You can get a prescription from your local vet clinic if your vet recommends it. Rymadyl comes in chewables, injection, and caplets.

Here is the website--

hope this helps.


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