What does a healthy dog poop look like?

I'm doing a science project on dog faeces and URGENTLY need info. Is a healthy dog poo dense? Light, heavy, straw-like!? what!?? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!
It all depends what a dog eats as to what their poop looks like??

A good dog owner will alway look at their dog's poop.
You want the poop to be firm but not to firm. You don't want the dog to get constipated. It will if the poop is to firm!
You want the color to be a light brown. You don't want to see very dark or black poop. This could mean that the dog could be bleeding from inside some where.

No telling some times what you might find in dog's poop.
If it is a puppy you might find buttons, paper, sticks, needles,rocks anything and everything has been found in puppy poop.

You can find worms in dog poop, this is not normal!!!
You want the poop to be firm and light brown in color and a dog will be a happy dog!!
HuH.. Depends on what the dog eats.. What kind of project is that?? You want me to go out and wait til I can get a good picture of a nice healthy dog poop? It should only be an hour or so..
Hm...I don't really know but it has to be moist and brownish and kinda dark. OH!! I almost forgot! It has to smell filthy and disgusting. (I'm not suggesting you smell it)
Solid, just like it should with a human too.
A dog fed a RAW diet has waste that is very small, dark, firm and will break down with in a couple of days into a powder and disapear into the ground.
This is what nature intended. Dogs who are fed kibble diets often have large mushy piles that stink to high heaven and will last in your yard forever if not picked up. If a bag of dog food says it expires in a year, thats how long the crap in the yard will last too because the manufactured foods are full of preservatives.
The higher qualty of food, the better. There is nothing that compares to a raw fed dogs waste.

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