Pitbull friendly apartments in Maryland?

I'm moving to Maryland in September and am looking for a pitt friendly place. My girl is a year old, spayed, obedience trained and very well socialized. Any suggestions?
I'm always glad when people who have pitts are specifically looking for places that take pitts.
Sorry I can;'t help you but good luck!
You might have a hard time. Most apartments don't allow pets, those that do usually have size limits or allow cats but not dogs and some may have breed restrictions on dogs. I'd suggest start looking for housing that will accept her now and also start looking for placements for your dog - either temporary or permanent in the event you can't find a rental that will allow her. That way, all your bases are covered.


I also have to disagree with the poster below. I have a friend with a pit mix who has been looking for 6 months for a place that will take her dog without success. She has a temporary arrangement for her dog but having little luck finding a rental.
I would recommend walking around the area with your dog and looking for apartment buildings. Then go in and ask to speak to the management. Don't mention your dog is a pit. Wait until the management has been won over by what a well-behaved, friendly dog you have.

If you like the apartment and they seem okay with it- ask to look at a sample lease. Be sure there are no breed restrictions mentioned on the lease.

I have to disagree with Bozema- you can ALWAYS find a rental that will take dogs. It may not be as close to work, it may not be the fanciest building, you may have to pay an extra deposit or extra rent- but you can ALWAYS find one and people who give up their dogs over that just didn't try hard enough/ don't love their dog enough to make sacrifices.

Once the lease is signed, if they find out your dog is a pit and they don't like that there's nothing they can do- you signed a lease and there were no breed restictions on that lease.
additionally, many metro areas are now starting to discuss NOT allowing pitbulls, rotts and others similar within a xxx mile radius of a metro area.

thats one way to keep the drug dealers and pro-sports guys well out of the downtown metro loop.

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