I need suggestions on how to talk my boyfriend into letting me get a dog.?

Guys are easy, tell him getting a dog would make you very happy. He will cave if he is convinced you are serious.
Just bring one home.
tell him its a dog or a baby, even better a dog or my mother will move in with us
tell him no sex unless you can get a dog.
Let you? Is he your daddy?
If you're old enough to live with your boyfriend, you're old enough to make these decisions like an adult.
tell him its what you want and that your not going to be happy till you get it. my boyfriend and i are going tomarrow to pick ours up. i talked him into it by research in alot will i was on the computer in front . then i would be like look at this one oh i want her. just ease into it until he doesn't even remember he didn't want one. my boyfriend CANT WAIT now. its a lot or responsibility and its a big step in your relationship you have to think of when you work what type of dog you want and how it would fit in your lifestyle. if you ask him his favorite and compromise it works well. GOOD LUCK
Why do you feel it's necessary to ask a boyfriend's permission? If you want a dog, get one. Be sure that you are able to properly care for it by giving it not only food and water and a safe warm living environment, but your time, energy and love. Proper training, walks, toys and vet trips are essential to a pup's well being.
Dogs are intelligent and devoted companions. Be sure you can provide for it before you decide. It sounds as if your boyfriend doesn't want the competition.
Take your guy to the pet store " just to look"
if he likes a puppy.. let him think its HIS idea to get one
Guys do not like being forced/manipulated by with holding sex.. etc into doing something
If your boyfriend doesn't want or like dogs, trying to convince him to get one is a bad idea. Even if he likes dogs, but doesn't want one and you convince him to get one, you are asking for trouble, trust me! If your boyfriend likes dogs, simply tell him that you would like to get a dog. If he isn't enthusiastic, forget the dog, and concentrate on him.
If you live with him, he HAS to be on board with getting a pet, or the training won't work.
The best way to get any guy to want a dog is to introduce them. Once he sees the puppy, it will be hard to say no.
Tell him to join a doggie yahoo group! I found a good one below.

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