How much does it cost to transport your dog with you on an airplane?

We fly Delta and it runs $250.00 per dog. We have 4. :-)

They also will only allow the pups to fly early, early, early am because of the heat in the baggage area.

IF your pup is under 20 lbs and can fit in the seating area for your feet (in front of you) then you can fly at anytime during the day. The price is still $250 but you know your puppy is more comfortable. :-)

Hope this helps.
Big dog, or little dog?? You should call the airport.. They'll be able to give you a better idea what you are looking at.. Many airlines have changed so all dogs go in cargo now.. So that will make a huge difference.
it's about as much as it cost u to travel
every airline is different. check out the airlines web site and it will let you know.
If he's small enough to fit under the seat in front of you, you can take him in a carrier and it's anywhere from $70-150 per trip. So round trip is $140-300. It used to be a lot cheaper, but recently I checked on United Airlines and that's how much they were charging. I don't know how much it is to have him crated and put in with the luggage, but I wouldn't recommend doing that because airline workers don't treat the dogs well.
It depends on the weight. I've had 4 dogs sent by airplane and it was around $180 each, plus you have to get a health certificate from your vet stating the dog is healthy enough to fly.
The last time I checked it was an extra 75 - 100 dollars. You should call around though. Some carriers won't take dogs and the prices may have changed.
Call the airlines. It depends on where you are going, and if they will be in the cabin with you or in the pressurized, climate controlled part of the cargo hold.
We shipped our(80 pound) dog with us when we came home from Germany, (she road in that part of the cargo hold while we all flew) and it was about $120 one way. That was on Delta, before 9/11, so the rules may have changed.
Call the airline you are flying on and ask them.
Dog prices, i dont know, but some places u cant even bring them there. Like Asia, they eat all kinds of animals. But, other places, yeah. People have their dogs on leashes and or in a crate.
Just to noted- it's not really dogs under 20lb who can sit in the passenger area- they have to fit under the seat- which is about 8 inches high- so tiny dogs and puppies- no way my 20lb beagle mix would fit under there.
it depends on the carrier, and the weight of the dog. also, most require that you get a statement of health / ok to travel from your vet's. most vets charge about $30 - 35 for this. Last time I flew my dog (he weighs 50 lbs) he flew delta and it cost $235, I believe. That was in April this year. Hope this helps!
It would depend on where you are flying from, and your des-
tination. And of course it would be at the rate of them being
crated and in the cargo hold. You wouldn't want that, would
If you have a large dog, you may need to buy a crate which is around $50. Then there is a fee to put your dog under the plane. If you have a small dog, then you might have to go to a pet store and get a special carrier to put your pet under your seat. But keep in mind, the Airline might be strict. Your dog has to be able to turn around in the special carrier. They wont let your dog fly if it cant turn around in the carrier.

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