Help! My dog will not go into his crate.?

I have tried treats of all kinds - he hesitates and has to then be pushed the rest of the way. He is a 7 month old golden retriever - mix that I adopted from the local humane society. He use to go in with no problem but all of a sudden he stop. I only crate him at night and when I leave home.
It sometimes takes a bit to get them used to it.

Be sure to give him a treat even if you have to push him in.
well give him some time and let him get used to it it takes time d/w
put honey in the crate, and a small bit on his nose, he'll listen trust me
I would have already of given up and let him sleep in the bed with are doing good be patient and kind he will eventually get it
I dont know if you do this but I give mine a treat every time he gets put in his crate - unique one only for this purpose, snd dont make a big fuss about putting him in either as it may only reinforce that there is somethingthat he wants to avoid in there. Dogs go through stages of weird behaviour anyway so it might pass.

Suggestion - peanut butter on a bit of rawhide.
Put something of yours in there so he can smell your scent on the clothes and that way he should feel a bit more comfortable and 'at home' in there. Try not to force him in there either or he will feel anxious about doing it.
Hope this helps and have a great day/night!
x K
This is a great crate training site.
talk 2 him /her in baby words
Don't try treats. Try some of your food. Dogs loves human foods. Be careful not to put milk or any other substance with milk in it. It is bad for dogs. You should call some housekeeper who has special relationship and knowlegde with dogs. That will help. Get the dog housebroken. Make sure not to get your dog to get in a habit of begging for human food once your dog get's use to it. Just try what I told you to do. Don't worry. :)
Would YOU want to spend the night in a crate?
Didn't think so.
Neither does your poor dog. D'uh.
I just don't get dog crates...
get a squeaky toy, and start playing fetch with him. after a few throws, throw the toy into the crate. When he goes in to get it close the door behind him. It sometimes helps to squeak the toy in between throws. If he isn't really a "go fetch" kind of dog, get a bone (The big meat bones that are like demented tubes)since big dogs like goldens can handle them, and put some penaut butter or rolled up cheese in the middle of it. then rub it by his nose, and put it in the crate. Dogs love penaut butter and cheese.
I use treats when I put my Bichon in her crate, but she is still in the learning process too. Put something soft in the crate for the dog to lie on and to make them more comfortable. Does your dog possibly have an anxiety issue when put in the crate? as I know the 12 month Bichon puppy i just got has a separation problem. She is finally starting to get over it. Try putting the dog in the crate while you are there, for short periods of time. Slowly lengthen the time the dog is in there and they will gradually become more used to and comfortable about being in their crate.
Well, he is in the process of learning that he can protest- and it will WORK!
Also, going in the crate means all these things he doesn't like will happen: you'll leave, he won't get attention, he'll be alone, he can't play...etc.
Two things: you're going to have to make the crate appealing to him- right now he sees it as a punichment.
Get training tips from experienced handlers if you can't figure out how- otherwise you'll make the problem worse.
Also- one of those larger floor cages would be better than a crate- get one big enough that he'll be able to use it as an adult. For now he'll enjoy having more space and visual stimulation, which are a couple of the positives you're looking for.
Good Luck.
do you "have to" crate him at night? I thought people had crates for their dogs only if they were show dogs. If he destructive? Then why crate him when you leave home? Do you like live in an apartment and you're afraid the landlord will come into your apartment or something?
I would never recommend giving a dog human food. They may get used to it and turn their nose up at their own food -- plus there are so many things that are very bad for them or at a minimum give them the ol' hershey squirts.

I know everyone has their treat suggestions, but yea, here's mine: BilJac liver treats. They stink to high heaven! One of my boys is NOT food driven at all -- not even human food. The ONE thing he WILL eat? Those liver treats. He'll take my arm off for them, I literally have to throw them to him because he gets a little too over zealous to just hand them to him.

Good luck with it!

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