Yorkie is rubbing his face against the carpet?

My Yorkie is rubbing his face against the carpet. Is this normal? I will take him to the vet later today, but I will like to know if someone else is having the same problem with his or her dogs.
It isn't really a problem. My yellow lab, Abby, does this to scratch/itch her face. Can you think of any other good way for a dog to scratch/itch its face? Just a paw over the face but that won't work well so they like to rub their face on the carpet to help itch their face. Not all dogs may do this.
Something may be irritating his eye, nose or ear most likely.
my boxer does this all the time - and she also loves her face rubbed - maybe the dog just likes it - I wouldn't worry about it unless there is a sign of an eye infection.
/maybe an itch, but dogs do that..
no, that may jusyt mean that his face is itchy. my corgi does that all the time.
Maybe its a way of itching his face? dog love to bury their noses deep into the ground and sniff away too - so he may just be sniffing a scent
What is he focusing on scratching.

Could be allergies could be the beginning of an ear infection. Mine do it when I dust or spray lysol.
Its normal. there are glands on their faces around their mouths and they like them to be rubbed sometimes. Cats are famous for this. but dogs arent as well known for it. I think it releases a scent to mark their territory.
This is normal. He is scratching or rubbing his face or nose. He may be cleaning his eyes, or wiping his nose.

A gentle concern is that he may have allergies and is wiping his nose. I do not recommend meds for treatment for mild dog allergies... but you can sometimes change the dog dishes (to metal) or the dog food (to a lamb base, temporarily) ... if the Vet suggests allergies... Or it may just be a Fall allergy.
He is most likely itchy, if it is something he is doing often then take him to the vet, if it is only on occassion then it probably is nothing. Take a look at his face though to make sure nothing looks irritated, if it does he won't know that he needs to stop rubbing his face to make it go away and it will just get work.
My Yorkie does the same thing. He'll like push himself against the carpet as if he's rubbing his scent like a cat; he does the same thing with the couch and recliners. He's more prone to do it after he's come in from being outside. I don't tend to worry about it too much because I check him regularly for fleas and whatnot and I haven't had a problem. I'm sure there's nothing abnormal about what your dog is doing.
My yorkie did that, too. The vet said it was normal and his yorkie mix did the same thing.

Later in life, my dog needed to have eye gel because his eyes were too dry... so you might want to check that.

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