Could someone have bent my pomeranian's tail?

We bought our pom from a pet store about 5 1/2 years ago and when we bought him, we noticed that the tip of his tail was bent in a 90 degree angle. I was wondering if this could have been done to make his tale curl over his back. It makes me sad to think that someone could have done that. Then I wonder if my pom came from a puppy mill. I was clueless about puppy mills until recently.
I was just curious. Thanks.
Pomeranians tails naturally curl over their backs in very tight circles. It's possible that your pup's tail was broken at one time or maybe got stuck in something like between a door & doorjam. He could have just been born with the crook in his tail. There really isn't any way too find out how it happened, so just love him how he is.

*BTW* I own an 11 month old pom. Aren't they just the greatest little dogs?
did it get caught in a door as it closed??
It really does sound like his tail was broken at some point. Poor little guy.
Maybe its tail got broke. I heard of people breaking cats tails it could of got broken at early age and healed wrong. I have Cat that cant meow the Doctor says the he can find anything wrong with it. so i think a little kid got ahold of it at the pet store and you know how little kids always hold a pet by the neck. so something like that could of happend at the pet store.
my dachshund has a bent tail it is just a birth defect, when they were born they came out at an angle which the tail got crushed.
Hey I bought my pom from a private breeder a good friend. My pom will be six in april 07 and her tail curls over her back.. I think your pom is fine..hope ur puppy didnt come from a puppy mill. Good luck on finding out
Sorry but If he came from a pet store he came from a puppy mill.
I have a pomeranian and her tale was always curved the same as your poms. That is natural for a pom.
I have a pom mix. your pom probubly was just born that way. So, you don't have to fell bad for her/him. And I don't think your pom came from a puppy mill or he/she would have more problems then just a bent tail.
My pom's tail can always curl over her back, and her head can turn almost 180 degree.
It was BORN w/a KINK! It happens.

If you were foolish enough to buy from a PETSTORE.OF COURSE it's from a pup-factory! ONLY CRAP from CROOKS is EVER avaiable!

It's just a POS junk-dawg from a CROOK "breeder" that couldn't POSSIBLY care LESS how faulty it was!!

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