Natural remedy for swollen face due to vaccine reaction?

I have a Yorkie and I gave him the bordetella booster like 2 weeks ago and he got swollen around the noise and mouth. I had to rushed him to the hospital last sunday. They gave him shots for allergies. It has been 5 day and he is still swollen.
I'm going to have to take him to the vet yet again. It makes me wonder if he really needs all those vaccines every year.
Does anybody know a natural remedy that would help with the swollen??
Please help
Most vets are not vaccinating for everything yearly anymore. Only certain boosters are needed yearly. If your dog is getting all it's boosters yearly, your vet is out of the loop or trying to make money. Anyway, Kennel Cough(Bordetella) is recommended yearly or every six months(depending on boarding frequency and exposure to other dogs). Most vets will not that a dog has a vaccine reaction and will pretreat with something like Benadryl to reduce the reaction. Before any more vaccines I would ask that he be pre-treated and the vaccines not be done all at once(a couple weeks apart at least for the different ones) to prevent a severe reaction. Swelling of the face is not something to try "home remedies" on...go to the vet if it is a concern.
ice and heat...
Giving Benadryl before vaccinating him may help. Also consider if he really needs the bordetella vaccine..this is also known as kennel cough vaccine. If he stays at a boarding kennel, goes to dog shows, or spends time at a grooming parlor, then he should have the vaccine-kennel cough is spread through the air over short distances. Lots of dogs barking in a closed area is ideal conditions for this disease to spread. If he never leaves your side and isn't exposed to other dogs you don't know, then you probably don't need this vaccine at all. Kennel cough is treatable, though very annoying to deal with. Talk to your vet about whether the swollen face outweighs the benefit of the vaccine.

Swollen muzzle and face is a sign of allergic reaction-like hives in people. Ice and heat is for a sprain, that will not help in this case.

<edit> The reason this happens is simply individual variation, just like with bee stings: most people don't have a problem, but certain individuals have a really severe reaction to them. If you give an antihistamine, like Benadryl, before the allergic reaction occurs, you can usually prevent it from happening altogether, which means your dog gets protection from disease without having to deal with the swollen face.
My dog developed hives from the Proheart heart worm vaccine (it's now off the market). She had to be given a Benedryl injection and some oral meds for a few days. Now when she goes for vaccines, she gets a Benedryl injection prior to getting the vaccines.
I dont know about the swelling but here is a site about vaccinations.
Benadryl ... I have no idea what the right dose would be for a Yorkie, but Benadryl is safe for dogs ... My dog was stung by a bee last summer, and I took him to the vet in a panic because his face and head swelled up ... turns out he was fine, but it cost me $95 to make sure! Ask your vet what the right dose of Benadryl is for your dog, and make sure to keep some handy all the time ... you never know WHAT your dog could get into or have a reaction to!

The bordetella vaccine is required for any dog that is boarded or groomed ... also, it's important for any dog that goes to places (the park, the pet store) where an infected dog may have been. The vaccine protects against kennel cough which, although not terribly serious, is HIGHLY contagious.
One of my Goldens had a similar reaction last week when she had her yearly Booster jabs. Her face became very swollen. I asked my Vet about it because I thought she may have been stung by a wasp or a bee and he said it was probably a reaction to the vaccination and to mention this when she had her next jabs. The swelling took two days to go down and she is absolutely fine but it does make one wonder what exactly is in these vaccinations to cause such a severe reaction in our pets.

I think the swelling on your Yorkie will go down naturally so don't worry too much, as long as he is acting normally he should be fine.

I was told that it is pointless having dogs vaccinated against Kennel Cough (Bordatella) because there are so many strains of the KC virus that it is better just to let the virus take its course, usually 3 weeks, and just give the dog Benylin Paediatric Cough Syrup to ease the throat during this time.

I hope the swelling goes down soon.

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