Why does my poodle gag/ choking after running?

If it is on a leash w/ a collar, it might be pulling too hard & putting pressure on its throat. Consider getting a harness for your pet.

If it does this without being on the leash. Your dog may have a collapsing trachea which is common in little poodles & other small dogs.

Have your pet seen by a veterinarian to get it properly diagnosed. You can usually see a collapsed trachea by taking x-rays. There are surgical ways to repair this.

However, if they put your dog on any sort of steroidal medication, MAKE SURE THEY MONITOR YOUR POODLE'S BLOODWORK VERY CAREFULLY!

This happened to my poodle, they didn't monitor her meds & her bloodwork very well. She got pancreatitis, after being very sick for 10 days, she was diabetic & got cushings. She went blind & only lasted about 6 months after that.

I don't want to scare you or anything. Steroidal meds can be very helpful as long as they are carefully monitored, especially if they are on it long-term.

I am now an RVT. I know better now, but I didn't then. I don't want to see anyone go through the same thing I went thru.

I hope you just need to get a harness for your dog. Good Luck!
It does that because its lungs are way smaller than ours and than a labador's
Is it on a leash? Does it have something stuck in its mouth? Might be a reverse cough, or the dog is over-exhausting itself, kinda like people when they run for a distance, then start coughing and breathing hard.
A healthy dog of any breed should not choke or gag after running for a normal amount of time. You might need to see the vet.

You didn't say - is he running alone? Playing? Or do you mean jogging with you on a leash?
It might make a difference if he is pulling on the leash constantly.
My mini dachshund does it too. We were told it is nothing to be worried about, but it was a good thing to have him checked, to make sure there was no additional issues.

side note from Anthony - can u tell her that toy and miniture poodles have a genetic disposition with chest problems and hacking ive had 2 of them and the vet told me the samething both times.. she needs to take here puppy down to the vet to see how bad it is .. im tapped out or else id write it to her thank you
your dog needs to go to a vet. it is not normal to gag and choke after running. is the dog pulling on a leash making the collar squash the dogs trachea? if so take the dog to obedience classes so they can teach you how to train your dog not to pull.
Have him checked at the vet. Our Pomeranian started coughing and choking during activity, and it turned out to be the start of congestive heart failure. She lived many years after the onset of symptoms thanks to the help of medications. I'm not saying this is what's wrong with your dog, but better to be safe than sorry!
I certainly hope you have your dog on a Heartworm Preventative!
i have a poodle too. and so did my friend. My dog hacks whenever he runs around a lot, get flip ed over on his back, or if you lean on his stomach when hes laying down. but i dont think that you should worry about it its common in a lot of dogs its just because:
if your poodle is big dont elavate hi or her foodbowl it is very bad for dogs to elavate its better or them to reach down and eat bacause they will eat slower and will com up to take more breaths
They may still be catching there breath
if they eat grass or dirt
the dog may also feel his or her food coming up his thought from the food being bounced around everywhere if you feed the dog before its run . Its OK if you used to feed the dog before it runs but you should start feeding it after so there food can digest well before they get active again.
they may drink therir water to fast after they run too.
You should always feed them after they run around a lot not before. You should feed them after they run around a lot because there is a disease called bloat and it can be deadly my friends poodle died from the disease last year because the dog was always feed right before it ran around in the yard and it didn't digest properly
If you want to know more go to:
type in: why do dogs cough after they run?
then chose the first site.

A young girl
I hate that too. My mom has Poms who ALL do that too. It's like this honking or gagging noise. It sucks, but there's nothing you can do about it.

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