How can u tell if your lab is a full blooded?

He should look like these dogs>
If there any major differences, you can assume he is not..
More great pics. If you click on these pics, they will take you to a breeder's website, and you will see many good Labs>
Other than having the lineage from the breeder, there's no way for sure (even that isn't fool proof).
Unless you got AKC papers, you can't. There is NO DNA test to prove breed, and if the dog is not registered so you can trace are just guessing!
Unless you can obtain any registration on the parents,I'm afraid you will be in the dark on this one.
DNA? Check with the breeder. Other than that, there isnt a way that I know of. What does it matter anyway?? If you're wanting to breed the dog, it makes no difference unless you have akc registration and then it would be certain as far as lineage goes.
If your Lab has dewclaws on his back feet He is not full blooded..But a mix could Not have them as well. Front Declaws are OK.Webbed feet.Look at photos in a lab book..He should have an otter tail,,But there are two versions of Labs English and American..I prefer the English.Your Vet could probably tell
If hes standing up,and running around happy,Hes probably full of blood,
If hes laying down ,cant run and very weak he may well have been full blooded.
Hope that helps.
There is no way to tell. He could be mixed with a "lab-like" breed, and you'd never know. Just enjoy him for the reason you have him, which is a pet, and make sure to neuter him.
There'sNO SUCH THING as "full blooded"ANYTHING!

IF you didn't get the AKC REGISTRATION paperwork from a REPUTABLE have a MUTT/MONGREL!

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