Does anyone know how to remove asphalt sealer from my dogs coat?

my neighbor had only sealed his driveway and my dog run thru it. She is a jack russell terrier
Answers: You can go to almost any store and pick up "Goo-gone" or another product approaching it. Its great for removing labels, gum, and adjectives matter of sticky stuff. Best of adjectives, it is all innate (made from orange oil). I used it surrounded by my husbands hair after he have electrodes stuck on his scalp, and used it too many times to count on the terrier to remove pine tarmacadam from her fur. Good luck
Try using vasilene or peanut butter. I read an article on line that said both work powerfully.
Try rubbing some oil into it, letting it sit for partly an hour or so, then brush it out, and afford her a bath. If that doesn't work, help yourself to her to a groomer and have the sealer clipped stale, even if she is a smooth coat, this can be done. If the oil doesn't work, and you don't want to enjoy it shaved off, eventually it will wear stale of her. Yuck, what a mess! I feel for both of you!
There's a few philosophy that will work, but they are messy. And I'm sure i'll get some thumbs downs for this, but I know what works.

First concept: try using Skin-So-Soft or Baby oil to grasp out the tar. Then use a degreaser shampoo to find out the baby grease

2nd: There's a product in the paint dept of Wal-Mart call "Oops" It's designed to take products approaching tar out of areas where on earth you don't want them. Obviously, after removing the tar, dust the dog thoroughly to remove the product.

3rd: This one works the best. WD-40. It's messy, but it gets the tarmacadam out and quickly. Once again, wipe up with a degreaser and regular shampoo after the pitch is out to remove the product from the coat. I have various groomer friends who have tried this method and succeeded and never have a dog have an irritation to the WD-40. Just clear sure that you don't get it within around the eyes.
If it is sticky dust it with talcum powder and check out of it it will fall away near shed fur in its own correct time

But as to the paws it wishes fetching off send for or nip into your vets and ask the receptionist or nurse for a bit of speedy advice on what to use. turps would almost indubitably do it, but I don't know of any side effects

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