Is it safe to give your dog honey?

Its not neccesarily safe or unsafe. Dogs have allergic reactions to certain types of food just like we do. People say dont give dogs chocolate but some dogs can have chocolate.just chocolate is a substance that a lot of dogs are allergic to. Macadamea nuts are also something that a lot of dogs are highly allergic to. I dont think honey will hurt your dog. It is mainly sugar. If you want to give your dog honey my suggestion would be to go right ahead. It shouldnt hurt him. There is no reason to give a dog honey though. But I mean I give my dogs table scraps all the time.actually we feed them coffee. I knew a woman who gave her dog orange soda for a special treat sometimes. just be careful with potatos macadamea nuts, shrimp tails, and chocolate.
Dogs don't naturally seek honey so why do it. Chocolate can kill a canine. Don't do it!
I have heard it can be okay for small dogs in really small doses (to keep blood sugar normal), but I wouldn't recommend it. You should talk to a vet. :)
usually if its a puppy and is not eating anything it will keep the blood sugar up. had to do this bazzaar thing with my chihuahua he fine no harm done so its pretty safe only to keep sugars up but definitly dont send your pup twitching into a sugar coma.haha
A little bit won't hurt-but it's still a form of sugar and should be used sparingly.
I think it is safe to give ur dog honey. however u have to buy from the dog shop, where they have honey especially for dogs. Human honey and dogs honey are different. Best is to NOT to take risk of giving them human honey. give them the best, buy dog honey. they will like it.. i guess..
For a tiny toy breed, it could seriously upset the blood sugar levels, and cause a hypoglycemic episode. However, if the breed is medium or large, a little honey will do no harm..
No I don't think so?
It's not toxic or anything like that but I would still give in moderation for blood sugar concerns.

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