Can you clean your dogs ears out with Rubbing Alcohol or Peroxide?

Or is there any other house hold products or remedies that work well? Help, my dog's ears stink, and the solution they sell at the Pet Stores doesnt work all that well. Thanks :)
Hi, I noticed a lot of people are saying that the dog probably has an ear infection if the dogs ear stinks. Not necessarily true. My dog, he's a mini-dachshund, has stinky ear wax so his ears stink all the time. It was worse when he was a puppy (he's 3 now). His vet had me clean his ears out daily with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Get the q-tip wet with the alcohol and lightly rub his ears. Basically it's like cleaning your own ears and the same thing applies, don't jam it inside the ear.

However, if you're not sure if the dog just has stinky ear wax or if there is an infection, I would highly recommend spending the money and having the dog checked first just to be on the safe side. But again, just because the dogs ears stink doesn't mean that it is instantly an infection but you need to make sure.

Good luck!
Use olive oil or garlic oil. That will kill the bacteria that is causing the smell.
According to my vet that's not a good idea. If your dog has even a minor irritation in the ear, you'll cause them too much pain. Also, anything with oil in it isn't a good idea because the oil residue left in the ear attracts dirt. The only thing I've ever used is warm water on cotton and clean very gently.

If your dog's ears stink, have you had the dog checked for an ear infection? or is it just wax build-up?
If your dog's ears stink, he needs to go to the vet. He probably has an ear infection that needs to be treated. Using over the counter products won't help, and can make it worse, plus it's painful. Ear infections can be from a number of causes, yeast or bacteria and your vet will give you the correct treatment.

For normal ear maintenance, when the ears are healthy but just dirty or waxy, you can use rubbing alcohol to clean the ears. Some vets recommend hydrogen peroxide, BUT when the oxygen in the peroxide bubbles off, it leaves water in the ears. So, yes, peroxide is really good at killing bacteria and other nasties, plus it can help bubble out the debris in the ear, BUT the ears remain moist after the cleaning, making a perfect environment for yeast and bacteria. So, the ears can be MORE likely to become infected. Rubbing alcohol helps dry out the ear so yeast and bacteria won't like it. As long as the ears are healthy, you can use alcohol. If there are scratches or if the ears are infected or inflamed, it will burn and can cause MORE irritation, so a special cleanser and medication are required.
No you cannot! If your dog's ears are emitting an odor, you need to go to the vet, and have them checked. Dogs can sometimes get yeast infections inside their ears, it's somewhat common, but still needs treatment.

The only household remedy I would even consider trying would be to wipe them out with a wet towel. Only where you can reach without digging.
I wouldn't put those solutions in your pup's ears. I've read that they are quite painful for the dog. I use an ear cleaner called Zymox earl cleaner.I use it on my Beaglepoo's ears and it works well.
You can clean your dog's ears out all you want to, but if they are infected (which they ARE, if they stink..natural, normal earwax does not stink), it won't do a bit of good unless the infection is treated at the same time.

Of course the cleaning solutions sold at pet stores don't work.that's why veterinarians don't bother keeping any of them on our shelves. If they worked, we'd keep them. We stock and sell only the cleaners we use ourselves and know to be good, however.

Peroxide should NEVER by used to clean out a dog's ear canals..unless you just *want* him to go deaf. It will damage the eardrum, often beyond repair. Straight rubbing alcohol will do the same thing, but can be safely used as an ingredient in a mixture.

The safest thing for you to do today is to clean them out with a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water (50% of each) just ONE TIME, until you can get your dog in tomorrow for proper diagnosis and treatment. Delaying that will only end up costing you more money and causing your dog more pain in the long run.

Caught early, ear infections are easily diagnosed with a visual exam of the deep canal with an otoscope, along with a swab that is stained and viewed under a microscope. Often, a prescription ointment is all that is needed (IF caught early enough.)

Allowed to progress, however, and your dog will need the above, PLUS one or more (sometimes all) of the following:
1. Sedation and a deep ear canal flush.
2. Antibiotic injection, followed by a course of oral antibiotics at home for 1-2 weeks.
3. Antiinflammatory injection. (And in the most severe cases, oral corticosteroids to prevent the canal from swelling permanently shut, which will require major surgery to open it back up for drainage.)
4. Pain injection, followed by oral pain medications at home for 4-7 days.

Permanent, severe damage can result if not properly taken care of. There could even be a foreign object (grass seed, etc.) or a growth down in which case, you're wasting your time if it's not removed. Ear infections can also be due to food allergies, etc..

Please call tomorrow, first thing in the morning, and make that appointment. Your DVM will also be invaluable in helping you prevent this problem from coming back as soon as you get it cleared up. The techs there will show you how to clean your dog's ears correctly.most owners do it wrong, because they've never been properly taught.

(The dachshund's owner above needs to ask for an ear cytology swab to check for yeast, along with a blood test to check thyroid levels..both of which should have already been suggested by their DVM. Thyroid disorders are common in dachshunds.and often cause chronic ear problems like that. Yeast infections are very common, too. Again, NORMAL ear wax does NOT stink!)
you can use white vinegar with warm water. but if the ears stink there is a possible infection
DON'T put ANY CRAP in your dog's ears!!
You're making it WORSE!!
See *VET*,find out what's wrong & treat CORRECTLY!
I would not recommend using either to clean a dogs ears. If your dogs ears smell that bad he needs to see a vet for treatment! Ear Infections in dogs are very painful and uncomfortable and they can lead to other problems if left untreated. My best advice: stop buying pet store medications for your pet and take him to his vet to be diagnosed and treated.

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