Can a mother dog and her son have babies?

on monday my 2 dogs were suck together by the butt, and apperantly thats how they connect. and now i dont know if the mom can get pregnant by the son, witch is the other dog. will the puppies be normal?
Of course. Go get her spayed ASAP!!! Call the vet right now!!! How could you let it happen did you really want a bunch of Kentucky pups??
Yes, they can.

If you get her fixed right away you can avoid the problem.
maybe some might some might not its a chance
yes.. those are roachbacks. don't let them do that.
Call the Vet and get her fixed
Yes she can. And they wil be normal. The same thing happened with my cats. The brother and sister had kittens, then the dad and daughter.
They can but shouldn't - have the Mother spayed now!
Yes and Yes, my dog just had puppies and her son is the proud doggie daddy ( i dont like the boy dad but eh hes proud) they look normal to me.
Yes they can but its really not a very good idea. Dogs and all mammals are not supposed to breed with close family members as it can cause birth defects and problems for the offspring.
Yes sons can breed thier mothers in all animals, including dogs. This is why you should spay and neuter your animals. Please get both animals fixed right away and any animals ou have in the future. If you do this now the mother wont have any more puppies.
Obviously you need to get your dogs neutered and spayed so that you don't have any puppies to worry about. Please become a responsible pet owner and take them to the vet immediately before she does get pregnant. If there are puppies, there is a good chance they will have health problems.
OMG!! Yes she can. You should have gotten the mother fixed along time ago or the boy. If she is pregnant with her sons puppies, those puppies can have some serious health issues.

And chances are, if they locked, she is pregnant.
Yes, she can DEFINITELY get pregnant. Relations to each other don't prevent pregnancy. If neither of them are fixed, then you should've known the risk was there.

Please spay/neuter!
Yes, as long as the male dog is sexually mature, he can get his mom pregnant (just like with all mammals, including humans).

Inbreeding greatly reduces the chance of having puppies with health problems.

Get both of them sterilized!
yes she can get pregnant. so if u dont want the mother to be pregnant i suggest u fix the male. fixing the female is a little more risky then fixing the male with the female it is a real surgery. the male it is making a few small incisions and cutting out the testicles
there is a real risk that the pups will be deformed.If to close related dogs/cats mate, the damaged genes are doubled up, causing all kinds of issues.I think you need to spay mum asap.
Yes, she can get pregnant by her own son. Any pups they have together will be more likely to have health problems and deformities.Take them BOTH to the vets and get them fixed.
I am not a breeder, but I believe this is called "in-line" breeding. Some breeders do this however I do think they have to be careful about doing that.

There is no guarentee any puppy will be born healthy...but I would think they should still be ok.

Really need to get your doggie's fixed tho.
Of course she can if one is male and one is female. She needs to be spayed NOW!
Yes they can have babies but their might be some defects. Why aren't they spayed??? To bring another litter into this world is unconsciounable considering all the animals that are put down everyday because there are to many animals and not enough homes. Take her to the vet.
yes,chances are they wont be normal
YES THEY CAN!! Why would you leave an un-fixed mother dog with her un-fixed son?
If these dogs did mate and the female is pregnant, it is better to have the pups aborted because inbreeding can cause major defects in the puppies and it could cause you or whoever you give them to lots of money, time, & heart ache! The mother has to be more than 6 months old to have had pups, so be responsable and Spay & Neuter at 6 months of age instead of creating more pound puppies!
Chances are that she may be pregnant. The only reason why that is not good is because of the genetics. The mother may have genes that lead to abnormalities, but are not expressed because her father and mother are not related (this is called a recessive gene). She may have transmitted this gene to her son, but still remain dormant because his father is not related to the mother as well. But once she mated with her son, there is at least a 25% chance that their pups will inherit a copy from the gene from here and a copy from him and because that is the only type of gene, their pups may express that bad gene, leading to abnormalities. You can find more information if you do a good search for effects of inbreeding in dogs. I recommend that if you are keeping them together, you spay her or neuter the dog.
Yes it's absolutely possible for your female dog to now be pregnant. With any mating there is always the possibility of "abnormal" or stillborne puppies.

If the mating was accomplished just a short while ago, you can still have her spayed to prevent this (and future) pregnancies. We also suggest neutering your male dog.

Spaying/neutering not only protects against pregnancy, it can improve the overall temperament of the dog and protect the dogs from hormone-based cancer and other reproductive disorders.
YES! Any unaltered male/female regardless of family can have puppies together-it's called inbreeding and a lot of "backyard breeders" do this. As far as having normal puppies I am not sure and would advise you to call your vet and ask them. They may have you bring your female in to check for pregnancy but they can really answer that question the best I feel because they know what kind of health the dogs are in and if they are prone to genetic problems. One or both of the dogs should be altered to prevent this from happening again though and also for their health.
Yes they can and NO you don't want them to.

As for will they be healthy...

In-breeding can be done for certain hereditary traits however it is best not to do this it can bring out the worst in an animal.
yes she can get pregnet and no they babies will probably have birth defects.
they will be imbred you will have to find the ones that !"will have"! health problems proper homes

if you dont tell the owners that they are imbred beforehand and they have health problems and it gets expensive they can sue you for the bills...

ps was the son older? or a little puppy
yes they will some owners do that to keep the pups full breed like in pit bulls people want full breed pups and they pay good for them so they sometimes have father pits with there daughters and mother pits with the male pups they wont grow up to be retards dont worry
Of course he can get her pregnant, but this is in-breeding and the puppies could be born with birth defects and healthy problems. Please take the mother in to the vet and have the preg. aborted. Dog breeding is the same thing as people do you think a mother and son human should have kids??

Wow I can see allot of answers here from people who should not be breeding or giving advise on breeding!! NO WAY IN THE WORLD should you breed family members!! Point blank and end of story!! This is called in-breeding and it is very bad!! Should you have kids with your sister or your mother!!! NO!!! Anyone doing this is a BAD breeder why do you think there are so may dogs with problems with tempermate and health!!! Because people in-breed!!

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