Why does my dog always lay on me?

He is a chihuahua, so I sometimes think he does it to get my body heat. Or does he do it because he loves to be next to me? I can't decide. He sleeps in my bed under my covers with me every night when there are plenty other places he could sleep but chooses to not.
He is asserting his dominance over you. Dogs still live in the "pack" mentality. He is showing you he is the Alpha. It has nothing to do with love or staying warm, sadly enough. Unfortunately we see this alot with small breed dogs because they really are "lapdogs". By allowing a dog to sit on you or sleep on you, you are giving him power. Two places of power in the house are the couch and the bed. If they are allowed on either piece of furniture it should be by invitation, giving you the power. Once a dog believes it is the Alpha it is extremely difficult to convince it otherwise, oftentimes resulting in bites to strangers, kids, other dogs and sometimes even the owner.
Same reason my pets sleep with me, he loves ya!
Sounds like you have a snuggle bunny who loves you very much. And also for the warmth.
Maybe he loves you a lot does he follow you around? He thinks ur the pack leader so itss following u.Or maybe just to lay around you becuase ur the best comfortable seat around!!
My dog does the same thing, it sounds weird but i think my dogs do it because they feel safe next to me and they feel they are keeping me safe.. even though a fly could probably scare them lol. take it as a compliment, believe it or not dogs are like kids.. and what do little kids want to do at some point in their life.. sleep in mommy an daddys bed.. :) its not a bad thing. I like the warmth in the winter time lol
it could be a mix of both my dog loves to just be with me and at night he does the same thing because we run our air at night the more love they get the more they give
My animal experience would he likes being next to you!
He loves you very much and wants to spend every moment he can with you. Does he go every place in the house with you? I call my lil dog Velcro dog. He sleeps right next to me, follows me every where in the house, cries when I am in the bathroom, and watches me leave in the morning when I go to work. You dog loves you very much and wants to be extra loyal to you. You can tell that this is your dog.
He may love you, but he is claiming you as his own, He is dominating you. Does he run in front of you? go thru doors FIRST? demand food? probably. You let him, he sleeps in your bed, or should I say he thinks you sleep in his. No worries if that is all he is doing, but if he starts threatening people or attacking, then you need to reverse roles... some little dogs are much more aggressive than the bigger ones.
He is asserting his dominance over you. You need to kick him out of your bed.

Does he hump your leg too? That is also a sign that he thinks he is top dog.

You're owned by a Chihuahua. ha ha.

Watch that Dog Whisperer tv show, you'll learn the language of dogs.
most likely, he loves spending time with u! he just loves being loyal to you,either that or he wants you to pet him. either way your chihuahua loves you oh so much
he feels safe and comfortable there.
haha.. he loves you!!.. you have won his trust and he feels that he is always safe with you. Yes, another reason is also because he needs warmth, but most probably this is a combinaton of both! ;)
I am sure he does love you, but it's also dominance.

Do not let him sit on top of you. For instance, if you are watching TV laying down, do not let him sit on your chest or stomach. He can sit next to you, but not on you.

That is the way dogs dominate. as far a sleeping with you, I let my dogs sleep with me, so I can't say anything about that, but it does mean you will have to be careful in other ways.

This is one of the reasons you always hear about little dogs growling when people get near their owners and things of that nature. It is dominance. The dog thinks he owns you, not the other way around.
i have a dog his name is cody and he lays on me too he loves me and your dog loves you too so let him lay on you or he/she will get so mad.so let he/she lay on you ok ok
I have a 3lb Chi also, and believe me..its perfectly normal behavior from these little guys.When it comes to bed time, we sleep in HER bed, we sit on HER furniture, we live in HER house....get the idea? They own us..not the other way around. I think its how they compensate for their lack of size!
My dog does the same thing, always want to be with me, hes like my shadow..when i get up, he gets up, when i sleep..he sleeps under the covers on my legs, hes my little baby.
he probally just is a ppl dog like my dog- they cant be alone!!
hi, i have got 2 chi hua hua myself, it very normal for them to do this , they just want to spend more time with you when you are around and let you know they also need you to spend time with them..
my both chi hua hua like to go everywhere i go, wait at my door step when i when out to buy thing, wait outside the toilet when i taking my shower, when I'm eating they will be sitting right under the dinning table, just want to spend most of the time with me, even now I'm answering this question they are sleeping on my lap...

i have a question for you.
1) is it his bed is not comfortable?
2)he feel cold at night? wear cloth for him if he is..so he will be sleeping on his bed and not yours..

i wear cloth for both of them at night before i when to bed, they love it, cos at night is more cold, so they need some warmer place or some cloth for keeping them warm.

you can see him curling in a round shape when he is sleeping, cos he need to block the wind blowing into his nose.

you are their owner you are their everything..
so, don't stop them if you love your dog doing this, or if you find it really uncomfortable ? then you can stop him then..
hope my answer will be helpful to you and your dog
..good day :)
it likes you. probaly feel's secure with you.

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