Can a female dog get a tummy tuck?

I recently adopted a dog that used to breed puppies. The breeder didn't want her anymore and that's when I took her in. Her tummy shows that she had a lots of puppies. Is there's anyway she can get a tummy tuck? I think it's bothering her as well. Her loose skin keeps on sticking together and she is having a rash from it. Also do any vets. do this type of surgery?
Yes they do. It's pretty spendy though. Her boobs should shrink quite a bit though now that she's been spayed. Give her a good diet and exercise.

Thank-you for adopting a puppymill dog.
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I do not believe any vet will do this. It's purely cosmetic, and an animal should never undergo a surgery without a medical reason behind it.

Try to get her back into shape by exercising her. It won't make it all go away, but it'll help.
There probably is not much that you can do, but spaying usually helps. It takes time for the stomach to tighten back up, but it usually gets fairly tight.
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actually, a friend of mine breeds his dog and after gives his dog a shot which makes her tummy come back up. it is possible, not sure what kind of shot it is, ask your vet. its not surgery, not sure if surgery would be possible. but the shot works every time for mambo so i would ask.
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Actually I asked this of my vet last week because of another person who asked the same question. She said yes!!! It is simular to a spade incision. If you dog hasn't been spade yet it can be done at that time. You must talk to your vet and then see what the cost difference is. My vet said that they do it but it is inferquent to mostly dogs in the same situation as yours. It makes for a happier dog and a more comfortable one too. First step is a complete vet check!

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