Can my dog get pregnant even if they dont get stuck?

Speaking from experiance, Yes a dog can get pregnant from not having a tie, A tie is mainly just to keep the sperm in long enough. I have a dog expecting right now as we speak of, that got pregnant from not getting stuck. It is called a slipped mating. As long as the male did his job then she can get pregnant.
yes, the stuck afterplay is not necessary for conception.
Use a condom.
yes to get stuck is the exception not the rule
I got your dog pregnant. Yep. It was me.
YES I thought that until 63 days later I had pups.
she has to be in heat to get pregnant
no it can not. i think you should no that by now right?
i fathered 3 pups and didnt get stuck with any of the i had to say that. no, they dont have to get stuck to get pregnant, it can happen

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