How long can labor last for a Chihuahua?

Our dog has been in labor since last night about 24 hours now, is that normal? she has been leaking some fluid and will not eat but only drink. Please let me know. She will cry every once in awhile and push, but so far nothing.
If she has been having contractions for 24 hr, she MUST GO TO THE VET ASAP! It is evident that something is not right.
Good average to go on is 60 days, plus or minus 3 days either way. Knowing the exact day that mating occurred can help figure out when mom will go into labor, so you can get things ready. Small dogs can't always go full term due to their tiny bodies...not much room for babies. So be prepared for a few days early.just in case.
The longest my dog has been in labor was a little over 12 hours. I'm getting the impression that your dog may be in distress. The fact that you say she is leaking fluid could mean a puppy is stuck. That is not good you should probably call your vet for further instructions. Good Luck.
Wow, if she has been in labour for 24 hours and is crying, having contractions and pushing.. You should have already gone to the vet, or at least called him to tell him what's going on.. He'll likely want to meet you there for your c-section.. Why are you just waiting??
You know she could die eh?????
The duration of labor can be from 2 to 12 hours, but it can also last up to 36 hours in first timers.

Keep in mind:
Chihuahua puppies are born with large heads, frequently necessitating cesarean deliveries by a skilled veterinarian.
You just need to take her to the vet. If it was my dogs I wouldn't waste anytime especially since this may be her first time having pups and her size. She needs to be comfortable . Just do the best you can for her. Remember if you come up with any questions or concerns about your animals always call the vet. Always.
It sounds as if she's been in labor too long--I don't know the average labor time, but that sounds dangerously long to me. The puppies may be too big for her to deliver or she may have one stuck. *Please* take her to the vet!
>>Wow! I really hope she is ok. Please come back when she is and let us know how she and pups are doing!!

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