I need names for a male blue merle chihuahua?

i'm getting him today but i haven't thot of a name yet
Bandit, Lalo, King, Bear, Blue, Rocky, Magnum, Ulysses, Rambo, Shadow, Boomer, Caesar, Max, Romeo, Scooby, Chico, Ace, Prince, Yogi, Apollo, Rocket, Cheech, Samson, Stormy, Smokey, Stud, Baxter, Amigo, Goliath, Rascal, Cupid, Bruno, Barney, Tonka, Harley, Cody, Lucky, Bailey, Adonis, Buddy, Gizmo, Bonzo, Bingo, Elvis, Gremlin, Teddy, Munchkin, Sam, Simba, Toby, Chief, Skeeter, Pablo, Paco, Pedro, Spirit, Rosko, Pinto, Sinbad, Tank, Buckwheat, Sonny, Cheeto, Martini, Scooter, Snickers, Zeus, Diesel, Tiny, Jingles, Bruiser, Jasper, Benji, Nacho, Nugget, Buster, Banjo, Banbino, BamBam, Cisco, Chachi, Hercules, Capone, Squirt, Dasher, Pepe, Milo, Rudy, Peanut, Pocito, and Freckles. Hope this helps!
Smokey, Pepper, Speckles or Freckles. Hope you enjoy your baby. I'm getting mine sometime this month!
Chi chi
Cassidy Blue

but... you can try calling him different names til he responds to one then you will know or see what suits him..
Names are usually a personal choice. I for one watch the dog for a little bit and usually a name comes to me from their own personality. It also depends on your preference. Do you want a Mexican name since it is a Chi? (Pedro, Enrique, Jose, Emilio) Do you want a cutsie name? (Snuggles, Chi-Chi) Do you want a serious name? (Oliver, Oscar, Ralph) Or do you want a funny name? (Killer, Spike) it is all a matter of taste.

By the way if this is a new baby.. please make sure you leave food available at all times.. small Chis can get hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) very easily and it can be fatal. If it starts acting lethargic, stumbling around, trembling, please rub some Nutrical or Karo Syrup on it's gums.. (Nutrical is better.. but if you don't have it available to you use Karo Syrup) Do an internet search for Hypoglycemia and read up on it.. it is extremely important!!
Can you put up a picture of your puppy? We want a blue merle sooo much!! We have a merle female and a blue boy, but I want a blue merle. We are just waiting for one. Is yours the lavander with gray merling?

I name all mine spanish names. Pablo, Pedro, Miguel, Santiago, Paco etc. I am going to name my blue merle, (still in the prayer stage) Senor Pecoso Azul.
taco , max, spike, jack, benny, von, gunther, barney, oscar that's what i can think of hope it helps.
how about 'dog'??
Juan Carlos :-)
neo shut it very much or zanzi its unic i have also dog
I like Pepper. I have a femal merle chihuahua and she is soooo adorable! You are going to love your little guy :)
how about CHICO

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