Do puppies calm down after being fixed?

Does anyone know when you get your puppy fixed if they calm down? I have heard this and was wondering if it's really true? My puppy is getting fixed on August 31st and she is a little devil I was curious as to whether I can hope for a more calm non biting me kinda puppy. Thanks
Not really. It helps maintain more stability as the pet ages but doesn't help so called "puppy" behavior.

THANK YOU you are being a responsible pet owner its nice to see it!!
Nope she will not calm down just because she is getting spayed. Male dogs tend to calm down after getting fixed but not females. I would just be patient and work on training your dog not to bite. She will be calm for a few days while recovering but after that she will be back to her old self.
For me it definetly calmed them down!! They were always barking and running around (not that puppies can't do that) But once we got them fixed up, they still had their moments, but you could tell a major difference in them!
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Most of the time. You can begin stopping the biting now. Every time he/she bites, firmly squeeze their mouth together and say no with a firm tone. This may take a few days, but it does work. Don't be a softy, the puppy will forgive you and you will both be happy.
hope this helps you some...
I have two boys that are fixed and on the Boxer it did calm him down and on my Bulldog it didnt, and I have two girls that are fixed both age two or over and it did nothing for them except make sure they do not get pregnant..
males tend to calm down a little but girls dont. puppies dont calm down, you see puppies will be strung up untill their 3rd year(or depends on the type of dog)
but i would recomend spaying your puppy now(unless you want some kinda puppies)
hope this helped!
have a great day with your puppy!!:D
Maturity and training are what make them calm down and behave.
They do calm down some but if you are letting your pup bite neutering will not help, that is a training issue.
she will not have the crazy horomones going on anymore, so it might help, but just remember that as a puppy she is still going to be hyperactive at least. Just be firm with her until she is old enough to behave herself.

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