How does a dog act a a little while before she has puppies?

my rat terrier, chiuhaua mix is pregnant. she is due anyday. (She got pregnant between the 15 and 17 of June.) is there usaully any noticeable changes in a dogs behaivior about a day or two before they have puppies? i know all about labor and everything. i'm not asking about that. i want to know how she is gonna act anywhere from a week to an hour before she has the puppies.
She will indeed begin to look for a place to give birth. A few hours or so before she actually begins labor, her temperature will drop. Normal temperature for dogs is 101 to 102 degrees and before going into labor her temperature will go into the 90's. Watch her carefully because little dogs like Chihuahua's sometimes have problems with deliveries just because of there size. I would also call your Vet and let him know that your dog is due any day now so he can be prepared if you run into any problems. The vet I worked for would even give out his home phone number in cases like yours. Good luck and I hope the puppies are healthy. Make sure you feed your adult dog puppy food while she is nursing and it sure wouldn't hurt to supplement her calcium, maybe some cottage cheese in her food.
Maybe a little tired and thirsty.
Usually, they find a safe place in a dark corner of the house. and they'll go there and make a nest and become very quiet. You can help the process by getting a cardboard box just bigger than your dog and cutting the top and one of the long side out. Then fill it with soft comfy rags and put it in a place that your dog likes and feels safe in.

She'll usually go there when the time is right.
usually when a dog is about to deliver she will act as though she is looking for something(actually she is looking for the best place to deliver) she will turn round in circles and she will whine from pain. this may not be true of all dogs but every dog i have had would act this way not too long before the pups are born so watch for those signs and you can know it is time.
She will start trying to make a nest for her puppies give her things that wil make her as comfortable as possible and give her things to keep her puppies warm when they are born. Place rags about this house a little bit so she can find them ad make her nest don't try and make the nest for her let he do it. Most dogs will start to whelp when they go into labour when she is giving birth try not to interfere with her and make sure that she licks the sack off of the pups and that she bites the umbilical cord off but if she doesn't then step in immediately and cut the umbilical cord and make sure that the sack is off of the puppies face or it will suffocate.But try not to interfere with it at all if you can help it. Good luck.
They tend to act nervous ... I would make a special quiet place for your dog to give birth where she is comfortable and hidden.
My dog just had puppies last week! I noticed that she started panting heavily that day. She didn't have her puppies until 4am the following morning but I noticed that the closer she was to labor the more heavily she would pant. Also, you might be able to notice shivering/shaking. On the internet I heard that dogs' temperatures usually drop a few degrees 24 hours before they start labor, I didn't personally try it because I was pretty sure my dog was going into labor but it might help.
The YA manual of puppy whelping? Poor dogs!
my dog had puppies 2 weeks ago the day she had them she started to shake and she panted alot she was very restless and kept disappearing in the house
She may try to hide alot in places it's hard to get to her, so she can have the puppies in a place she won't be bothered. Watch out for that and make sure she has them in a reachable location, because once i had a dog that had puppies under my porch, and she smothered them with the dirt and stuff. =[
restlessness, lower rectal temp, and no appetite are more signs, get everything ready now. And gl

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