Illegal to keep dog locked in car?

Dog wont stop barking at night time and neighbours are complaining. Would it be ok to put her in a car at night with crate and take her out early in the morning? Some advice and tips please
Well leave the window open just a little bit for your dog to breath.And no it's not illegal to do that only if the weather is hot.
Good Luck!
nope it isnt illegal, if u have a small part of your window open so she can breath im not sure about putting her it a crate though :S
That sounds cruel, Dogs do not bark for no reason. Can you take it a huge walk before bed? It will be too tired to bark then also give it a large bone or chew to occupy her.
I don't know whether it is illegal or not, but it certainly is immoral on humane grounds. Very cruel. How would you like to be shut in a tin can overnight? It would be freezing cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
There must be a reason for the dog barking. Get the Jan Fennell books or DVD and do whatever she advises.
I think the dog would bark more. Have you taken her to a vet to find out why she is barking so much? Maybe she doesnt like the dark, or the silence, have you tried keeping the tv on through the night?
That might be considered abuse to your dog and if someone turns you in you might have a visit from your local ASPCA at your door and they can put people in jail for abuse on an animal now a days.
Yes it IS illegal to lock the dog in a car over night, even if the windows were open a crack. Let me ask you a question... Would you like to be locked inside a potentially very hot/cold car overnight? I think not...Put the dog in the kennel in a spare bedroom and put a blanket over the kennel..Ignore the dog he/she will eventually fall asleep
I could gaurantee there would be little left of your upholstery if you did. Seek proffesional advice by a dog trainer. Crating in the house and for car journeys is perfectly acceptable but not as a means to control a behavour problem.
You need to look at the root causes of the barking and take the steps needed to resolve this. If you can watch aprogramme on telly called Dog Borstal you may pick up some tips. As a former puppy trainer I can tell you that the behaviour of an adult dog stems right back to how it was or not trained as a puppy and yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Good luck.
Why don't you just bring her inside? Dogs shouldn't be left outside especially overnight!! It is cruel and dangerous. Why have a pet just to keep it outside.

Temperature in a car is at least 20 degrees higher than outside. lets put you in the car all night and see if you like it!
No, it isnt illegal but its not the nicest thing in the world to do. My dog doesn't bark but he runs around the house non stop and the only way i could stop him was if i gave him my robe and he buries his teeth and claws in to it and goes sleep. So yea, i disowned it and gave it to him. You should try giving your dog something he really likes.
no she barks because shes lonely. especially if she is a puppy. her entire life she has been sleeping with other dogs. anyways put the crate in your room. dogs are social animals. what if your parents didnt like to hear you talk at night so they locked you in the car at night so they couldnt hear you. how mean and ignorant right? tire your dog out before bed and put the crate in your room with one of your teeshirts and in a position so she could see you and hopefully that will help
As has been referred to, the legality depends on the conditions - if it gets very hot or very cold etc - how would you monitor these conditions and guarantee they wouldn't be detrimental to the dog?

You are best off speaking to the RSPCA about this as you would well find yourself on dodgy ground...
Sounds to me like your doggie is suffering from a condition called "seperation anxiety". Locking her up is not the answer. This would be cruel and only make her behavior worse. I would check with your vet..or on line for an answer from a dog behavior expert. Good luck.
She may bark her fool head off in the car too, and that will annoy neighbours. Long walks before bed seem to keep the dog calm and a bit tired at bedtime. Call dog trainers and animal rescue groups for advice. You can get phone numbers from the vet.
NO! Very cruel and even if you roll down windows.. cars contian heat and humidity worse than your house does. Most dogs are uncomfortable with new areas and large objects they often bark at there shadow. Nock off benadril can calm you dog and relax there nerves ... dont by name brand it has the opposite effect. I have been using this for months for my dogs allergies and to relaxe his nerves. put it in peanut butter or a hot dog. small dog one in the morning and night and if a later dog 2 in the morning and at night... you'll see a difference.
I know it goes against all the rules but why can't she sleep in your room?
Dogs are pack animals and one on their own feels very vulnerable. You are her "pack" and by separating her from you, you are causing her stress, hence the barking. How is she with a radio on? put one of your jumpers in her bed, give her a teddy bear. record your voice and play it to her.
You had a dog for company/to make you feel safe. return the favour please.
I dont know if its illegal but it sounds very unfair on the dog. The dog sound like its insecure and wants your attention. Try keeping her in your room at night, in a dog bed? My dogs used to howl at night, but ever since I let them sleep on my bedroom floor they havnt barked once.
That's quite a problem you have. I've never, thank goodness, had that type of problem. I wouldn't recommend putting the animal inside your car. You just might get a fine, or worse. Sounds like you really shouldn't have a dog where you are. Can't you work with him/her while inside to curb those bad tendencies. I am gone all day, and my dog is fine. She knows the routine. She is loved and trained. You don't say how old the dog is. My dog did the 'bad' behavior when she was younger, she will be 4 this year. I really don't know what to tell you; maybe you can get somebody else to work with her. Good luck.
There has got be a root cause for all this upset. Can you give me some more detail. How old is she? Is she spayed? And, in minute detail.What are you feeding throughout the day? Tell me the routine of your dogs day (although I suspect that she doesn't have one!) Has she been to see her Vet to see if her Thyroid reading is normal?
I would never place an animal alone in a car, just like you wouldn't place a child. What if something happens? A much better option would be crating your dog inside at night. I'm pretty sure that you can get in trouble for animal cruelty for that too. The temp in cars is too much for anyone.
While I don't if it is "illegal" but it is a form of animal cruelty. First off, because of the lack of fresh air that circulates in the car, even with the windows cracked. Second, the temp. in a car can raise about 10 degree hotter then outside.

And I know if i seen that i would call the cops.

And why would she she stop barking in the car as opposed to the house. Did you try letting her sleep in your room?
I'm sorry but I have no tolerance for crappy pet owners. Dogs bark. They need to be trained (and when I say trained, I don't mean beat with a newspaper). Please, if you can't handle a dog, please hand her over to someone who can.
No its not illegal but i used to volunteer for rspca and cars are like mocrowaves for dogs i wouldnt leave any dog in car barking or not just teach it not to bark
I am having a difficult time reading your question. How could you even think of doing that. If you don't want your dog to bark then you should never have gotten a dog. Yes it is illegal and abusive to put a dog, cat, parrot any animal in a car over night in a cage.

You don't deserve having a dog.
If you have a crate then just keep her in a crate in the house so she can't be destructive.

Animal abuse is illegal, and locking a dog up in a car all night long is considered abuse. The neighbors will still complain about the barking, and on top of that probably report you to the ASPCA.
It is inhumane to keep dogs locked in cars for long periods of time, especially in summer months. When a car is very hot, the dog will start to cook, like a turkey in an oven. 15 minutes in high temperatures can cause brain damage. It may also cause the dog to bark more than usual due to stress of being in a confined space. I know this isn't what you asked, but these are things you have to consider.Would you like to be left in a car all night because you yelled at someone? Bit harsh, really, isn't it?

EDIT - Ok, she barks when you leave her (I really should read questions properly). Is it for work or something that you leave her? Maybe you should leave something on for her when you have to leave, a recording of yourself (?) or something. Or take her for a very long walk before you have to go anywhere. She'll be so tired she probably won't have any energy to bark. If I think of anything else I'll add to the answer...
Are you crazy? You cannot leave your dog locked up in a car at night. Get him crate trained for inside the house and put him in a crate at night. Exercise him loads, he is probably fully awake in the evenings you need to tire him out. What breed of dog is he? You could also try those bark collars if the neighbours are complaining, this should stop the barking
Sounds like she's outside during the night, correct? Is this a new long has this been going on? How long has she been out side at night barking? She may be just bored. Has she always been an outside dog?

If so, that may be your answer. She may just want to come back in and be apart of the family again. Why is she out at night?

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