If a pitbull locks his teeth on you how do you get him/her off??

we got a new 100% pure breed pitbull and im nervus it might bite me if so how do i get her off me? and when i get her off me what should i do next??
Though pits don't technically lock jaws, they can hold on harder than you can get them off. The instrument used to seperate a pit from it's victim is called a break stick. you can google it and order one from online. P.S. Don't be nervous, treat your pit well, socialize it and you'll prolly never need a break stick.
choke it
Usually a shot right between the eyes will do it. Anything short of that he will probably kill you.
a bullet to the brain does the trick.
anything less won't work.
well, if you dont want her to bite ppl, scold her if she bites.
the first thing is stop being nervous. dogs sense your nervousness which in turn makes them nervous. most dogs won't just bite you for any old reason. if she's a puppy it shouldn't hurt to bad. just let out a loud high pitched yelp and she should let go and look at you. tell her no bite and hand her a toy instead.

puppies in general like to mouth-put their teeth on you and nibble like they did with their brother and sisters. they need to learn that human skin isn't as thick as theirs. pits can be avid chewers so make sure you have plenty of toys for her

take your dog to obedience classes. the first thing about being a dog owner, especially a pit owner is being responsible. don't be another person to add to their wrongfully labeled bad reputation.

also keep in mind, pits were never raised to be human aggressive only dog aggressive. i have a pit and he never bit me once and he gets along fine with my three other male dogs
asap , LOL seriously the sooner ya get them off the better the chance of them letting go , after they lock for to long, then ya literally got stick a stick er something in they mouth and pry, "or" wait it out
she wont if you raise her right and socialize her well. but i heard cold water or you can buy a breaking stick. f.y.i pittys don't lock. they do have a strong jaw pressure but they don't lock. why get a pit if your afraid??
Pitbulls do not have locking jaws. That is a MYTH perpetrated by ignorance, disdainful media, and fear.

There is absolutely no reason for your dog, your pit bull, to bite you UNLESS you provoke it. Unless you stick your fingers into its mouth, unless you hover over its face while it's trying to get some sleep, unless you do not train it, your pitbull will never inadvertently attack you.

I work at a city shelter and 90% of our dogs are pit bulls. NONE have ever attacked.
How the pit bull treats you depends on how you treat her. Be calm and relaxed in her presence, don't act at all intimidated or she'll assume she's the "dominant dog," and become more aggressive. However, don't be mean either, because mistreated dogs will bite.

If a pitbull locks it's jaws, you're going to need at least two other people and a crowbar to get it off you or the pit bull will have to be convinced to let go on her own.

BUT pit bulls are, in general, very sweet dogs, eager to please and not aggressive when properly raised. Treat your dog right and she'll treat you right.
...If you're nervous about a dog you shouldn't have got it in the first place. Is the pitbull still a puppy? If it is, you have nothing to worry about because you can still love it and train it correctly, so that it won't bite.
The jaw-locking thing is a myth. They just have strong bites. If a pitbull would ever attack you, I supose the only way to get it off is to hit it with things. (I know a person who got attacked before.)
they dont lock jaw.
Do i have to get mythbusters to prove this?
O.K. Number 1. Pitbull's jaws don't lock. Yes, they can hold on long and hard but their jaws DON'T LOCK. All the stuff you hear about needing a crowbar to open up a Pit's jaw because the jaw locked is total BS. I am a little frightened that you bought a breed you clearly know so little about.

Now you need to establish dominance over your Pit from day 1 but that does NOT mean that the dog should be scared of you ... know what ... take obedience training with your dog, that is the best thing you can do.
pit bulls cannot lock their jaws or teeth. They have very strong jaws and tend not to let go when they bite, thus the myth waas born.

When your dog nips at you, say OWWW really loudly and turn away. Puppies do this with one anotehr and the mom dog does this with her puppies. Stop playing. Do not engage in any playing that encourages biting and that will eliminate 90% of biting problems.

Also, you cannot be nervous! Why would you get a dog - any dog if you are nervous around them? They will sense your nervous energy, feed off that, and act accordingly. As a nervous person, they will feel the need to be dominant over you because you are not calm, assertive, or in control.

I HIGHLY recommend obedience and training classes, not only for your dog, but mostly for you - so you can learn how to be around your dog, what to do, how to act. YOU need to be the one to go with the dog (don't pawn it off on someone else or another family member) because by your own admission, you have a fear t hat needs to be addressed.

Pits are some of the sweetest dogs out there. Tehy are misunderstood and misrepresented because of people like he who shall not be named. They need training, they need boundaries, they need leadership from their human family members, they need stability. Obedience classes will help you with your fears and concerns. Please consider this - it may cost a lot to go through a session (plan on 100.00 depending on who.where/how long) but it is WORTH every penny.

Talk with your vet or other dog owners to see where they have gone, who they recommend, and why. Don't just sign up at PetSmart. Your vet probably knows of good personal trainers that have a lot more experience than a trainer at your local pet store.
First off - there is no such thing as a locking jaw. It's a calm grip.

Start going to obedience classes and you won't have a problem.

my husband and i have a pittbull since he was a baby, and he trained it to be nice, pittbulls cant always be trusted they are fierce dogs, but it depends on the way you train it. be kind to it and show it to be social with kids and adults. let kids intermingle with it and do not be afraid, our dog learned that, and he has never bitten kids, and thats cause theyre mean to him, but you must show it to never bite. hit it in the mouth if it does that, but dont beat it. the jaw does not lock but ive been told that running a waterhose in its nose as to shock it into letting you go.
if you areafraid of this dog you should not keep it find it another home

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