My dog gets really sick about once a week, whats wrong with him?

about once a week he start eating grass, then throw up, then has bloody diarrhea. and passes this mucusy bloody what looks like tissue or little pieces of his intestines. or sumthing. i dont what it is. other than gross. its not a lot. he does all that then hes fine. till the next week. hes been vac. and tested for parvo, so its not that. hes been treated for parasites. and everything i can think of. he is a teacup chawawa and weighs about 3 pounds. are these kinds of dogs just sickly? anyone else have this? i cant afford to keep taking him to the vet, is this normal? it seems like hes always sick. help? any ideas? or anyone elses dog get sick like this once a week?
Yipes! The grass-eating is a sign of stomach problems, our dog does it too, then hacks it up, but doesn't have the other problems. Sounds like his food might not be agreeing with him. Ironic, you have a little chihuahua and we have a St. Bernard, but they both have stomah-aches!!
Umm he is small and lots of small dogs have problems. What is he eating? If you can't afford to take a dog to the vet give the dog up to a person who can care for it.
your dog is loaded with worms.. go to vet for appropriate treatment
The dog needs medical help, it's been sick too long. Would you like to be sick constantly and no one gets you help? Be responsible to your pet!
Once a week is an interesting pattern - I'd look for overflowing garbage cans, kids throwing stuff into your yard on their way to the park etc, could be he's eating something trashy whenever he can get it (dogs do this a lot, usually causes bowel irritation and mild bloody diarrhea).

Another possibility is food intolerance, sometimes just the dog food will upset their system and cause problems. Unusual for that to be intermittant, however, but not impossible. I'd consult with your vet, who knows his history and probably sees more into the symptoms that you do, about what may be wrong. Often what you see and how you describe it to others is medically inacurrate, and with a problem as ambiguous as mysterious vomiting and bowel irritation, your best bet is to get him into a vet's hands and let them figure it out.
ok i cant finish reading it I'm getting sicked out pathetic huh well i think you should take him to the vet
I don't have a dog but I have been around alot of dogs and that and he could have worms If I were u it may cost alot but I would get him treated and looked at for everything in the book or at least stuff around his intestines. Hope everything works out.
there is no such thing as a "teacup" anything.

"teacup" is the name bad breeders give to sickly small dogs or the runt of the litter so that people who dont know any better will think they are cute and buy them.

and yes, they are more susceptable to illnesses.

I would keep him on a very bland, low fat diet.

all you can do is return him to the vet - theres no guarantee the vet will be able to fix him.. he should never have been sold to you in the first place.

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